Music| Listen To Yuna’s “Broke Her,” Which Flips The Sample From Drake’s “0-100″


•Songbird Yuna listened to Drake’s “0-100″ and was drawn to the song that was sampled for the Drizzy track. She eventually found Adam Feeney and Chester Stone Hansen’s “Vibez” and decided to create her own rendition of the cut, “Broke Her.” “I immediately loved it,” she said to Fader. “It was really beautiful and I was singing random words to it and thought I should record this. I finally wrote a full song to it and recorded the vocals in my bedroom by myself.” From her bedroom right to our ears. Check the song out and its video above. If one song isn’t enough and if you haven’t heard the singer’s last album, her Nocturnal LP was released last year, a project that features the singles “Falling” and “Rescue.”

Enjoy The Video Below

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