Music| @LVNDVNWORLD Returns With New Hit “Has To Know”, Did @Bronques Find The UP NEXT?


• Maintaining his mystery and sustaining his sound, LVNDVN returns with yet another enticing record with “Has To Know“. To briefly recap, about two weeks ago LVNDVN’s track “Dragon” was released and then vouched for by XO’s own LastNightsParty via Snapchat. Naturally, @Bronques‘ following took to the searches for the track and the listens grew. Keeping that momentum going, LVNDVN waste no time in releasing more for his growing fanbase. “Has To Know” perpetuates the puzzlement LVNDVN presents in his music and overall image. His short yet pronounced collection of music makes us question what has LastNightsParty stumbled across?

“Has To Know” produced by WARESDANNY, is another New Jersey family collaboration that makes a statement on the status of NJ creativity. With the tempo slightly raised, dope 90’s R&B instrumentation, and drastic vocal offering, “Has To Know” is likely to grab similar Buzz as “Dragon”. LVNDVN announces one main word of advice throughout the entire track, and that is “nobody has to know”. Keeping secrets hurt no-one as long as the secret is kept and this euphoric groove makes clarity of this fact. Suggestive word-play grasp your attention as angelic sampling dawdles in the background, curating vibes of ecstasy. LVNDVN’s vocal arrangement and capability stays true to the artist presented by LastNightsParty just weeks ago. The sexual reference and sensual sounds runs parallel with what the XO movement has become renown for. LVDNVN has been suggested to be the next breakout artist by many social media fans.

Surmounted with love, this was just the start to what  LVNDVN recently received from fans. In hopes to be apart of his growth, we present the next track from LVNDVNWORLD. #MOONLVNDVN



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