Cars| View New All Electric I-Pace SUV by @Jaguar


• Upon recent announcements, Jaguar plans to unveil the I-Pace, the luxury carmakers first-ever all-electric automobile. The futuristic SUV from Jaguar seems to battle with Tesla’s Model X.

Jaguar’s I-Pace will pack in 400 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque — good for 0-60 mph in a time of around four seconds. An 80 percent charge can be attained in 45 minutes with a maximum driving range of approximately 220 miles.

Other notable features include a panoramic roof, button-controlled transmission system, digital instrument panel, 12-inch touchscreen and more. The new design is expected to fetch a starting price of $76,400 USD with a launch date slated for the second half of 2018. Let us know how you think the I-Pace stacks up against Tesla models.

View More Of Jaguar’s I-Pace Below, ENJOY!


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