Music| Enjoy This #FridayFreshFind As @DirtyChime Releases “Fifty One Fifty”

Energy is everything and one artist with an overflow of positive energy and musical enticement is LA-based singer/producer Dirty Chime. Hailing from the Golden State, Dirty Chime has resurfaced with a lively dance record dubbed “Fifty One Fifty“. This enchanting ballad is finely produced and lyrically matched as Chime speaks on a young lady who is unaware of her own effectiveness and bad habits. As crazy as this love interest is, Dirty Chime can’t seem to escape from his infatuation for her.

For those who know the law, especially in California, a 5150 call-in is for “temporary, involuntary psychiatric commitment of individuals who present a danger to themselves or others”. So dedicated to this theme, Dirty Chime breaks down the mental state of his love and how he is struggling handling things. Love makes us all do crazy things, even like dealing with someone’s crazy.

Musically, ‘Fifty One Fifty’ is sonically grasping with infectious chord play, dramatic drum patterns of a live set and is topped with Dirty Chime’s airy vocals. Described as a pop record, this song is easy going, while constructing a comfortable vibe and still gives a storyline to follow. It’s simple to see Dirty Chime is an upcoming artist that we all need to pay attention to and I am sure will see plenty of. In the meantime click here to get access to more amazing music.

Listen To Dirty Chime’s New Single “Fifty One Fifty” Below!

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