Events| @RollingLoud Joins The #NFT Space w/ Life-Long VIP Tickets via @LoudPunxNFT

Rolling Loud has become one of the leading Hip-Hop based events in the last 10 years and has been home to the most known names in music as well as the up-and-coming talents of tomorrow. With ticket sales being a global issue and fans finding new challenges in attending the events of the century, the leaders of Rolling Loud have been chasing a solution.

CEO Tariq Cherif, opened a Twitter Conversation today, leading up to the official opening taking place Tomorrow, sharing details of this new-age approach to touring and festival development. Rolling Loud’s history speaks for itself from the humble beginnings in Florida to becoming a partner with Live Nation to develop a global traveling tour series. The success story is one side of the experience as developing such an event is a story all it’s own. Today, we focus on the future of Rolling Loud and the future is NFT’s. The trendy decentralized economy approach that NFT’s have become has set the art, fashion and music world on fire but very few creators have found winning ways to utilize NFT’s properly. Rolling Loud has sat back, learned and now is executing one of the biggest transitions for ticket sales we have seen in music.

Teamed with crypto-company Punx, Rolling Loud is presenting LoudPunxNFT which is a token based process where your one-time purchase will grant access to the Rolling Loud experiences while gaining value for the future events. A NFT holder will also have rights to attend ALL the events scheduled for the year. Additionally, the pass will grant access to premier merch, exclusive experiences and much more.

Tomorrow is the official opening for LoudPunx NFT Tickets and you can prepare to mint today by visiting the official website.

Take A Closer at Previous Rolling Loud Events & LoudPunx Details Below!


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