G.L.S.C.E. | GoodGarbs Listens SoundCloud Edition Vol.2

• GoodGarbs is back with this weeks collection of music off of SoundCloud. As always we have a great group of artist from all over with many unique sounds! Enjoy ~ Bridge - Cruel Intentions, Straight from the back house comes "Cruel Intentions" the next drop from the newest hitter on the scene, Bridge hits … Continue reading G.L.S.C.E. | GoodGarbs Listens SoundCloud Edition Vol.2


Music |Daft Punk Grammy Performance

January 26th, The World will have all eyes on the Grammy's and with great anticipation we will be looking for one main performance, DAFT PUNK. The Electric Duo have been pretty quiet since releasing their latest album Random Access Memories, but have been announced to perform at this years Grammy's. Of Course they are coming … Continue reading Music |Daft Punk Grammy Performance

G.L.S.C.E. | GoodGarbs’ Listens SoundCloud Edition VOL1

HAPPY NEW YEAR! So we want to start the new year off right, and the best way to do that!? MUSIC!! GoodGarbs would like to introduce what we call GLSCE, which stands for GOODGARBS Listens SoundCloud Edition Vol1. This Is a weekly collection of Music researched by our music addicts here at GoodGarbs, ( S/O … Continue reading G.L.S.C.E. | GoodGarbs’ Listens SoundCloud Edition VOL1

thE 4um | Trophies (Official Mix)

T R O P H I E S Okay So Drake is on a tangent to be as relevant as any rapper can possibly be with just two days left til the new year. Yesterday (Dec. 28th) he lets us know he has MADE IT, and today he gives us Trophies. We got a glimpse … Continue reading thE 4um | Trophies (Official Mix)

thE 4um | “WE MADE IT!!!”

• Public Service Announcement• If Your In A Club RIGHT NOW, and The DJ Isn't Yelling "We Made It" ... Fire Em! If Your In A Car & The Radio Isn't Blaring "We Made It" ... Turn It Off! If You Are At Home & Your Headphones Are Screaming "We Made It" ... Question!? What … Continue reading thE 4um | “WE MADE IT!!!”

Music |Roll With DJ “Lucky Dice”

Growing up in Great Places like Almere and Amsterdam has many perks for aspiring artist and muscians and GoodGarbs newest friend is a perfect example of these perks. Welcome our European brother DJ Lucky Dice, who has been working dilegently to become a renown name all over the world. From his early mixing start on … Continue reading Music |Roll With DJ “Lucky Dice”

thE 4um | Take A Peek Under The Tree

• GoodGarbs Wants To Wish Everyone A Happy & Safe Holiday ... Hope You Got Everything You Wished For. Now As You Sip Your Cider's & Watch BasketBall & Holiday Classics We Wanna Share Our Christmas List Collection. Few Items That Make The Holidays Just That More Special ... To All You Fashion Addicts This … Continue reading thE 4um | Take A Peek Under The Tree

Events | XIV Wonder NYE 2014

• Elevate. Your. Aura. This simply describes the NYE Event that is brought to us by XIV Wonder (14th Wonder), for this years New Years Eve. A collection of event innovators, promotional masters, & Revolt TV, brings the most dapper decor for all distinguished individuals to enjoy. After months of deliberation & detailed designing the … Continue reading Events | XIV Wonder NYE 2014

Music | Empire Live

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sj6PxFO9vzc • That voice taking EDM King David Guetta & Australian songwriter Sia's "Titanium" to vocal heaven is Australia's own Katherine Tanner & the beat added is percussionist Nic Noble, & this combination is globally known as Empire Live. These two world class musicians have made a true name for themselves in the House/EDM world … Continue reading Music | Empire Live

thE 4um | Beyoncé Mystery Album

• So Thursday Night/Friday EARLY Morning The Queen of R&B, The Voice of Women Today, Hov's Holy Grail, etc. Dropped an album nobody saw coming. Literally, nobody but Beyonce's many management team members and close friends and family knew this was coming. She did no prior marketing for her ITunes Released visual album that has … Continue reading thE 4um | Beyoncé Mystery Album