Fashion| Belief NYC Flagship Store Relocates & Re-Opens

• New York based streetwaer brand Belief NYC has been working diligently to promote their recent F/W collection while relocating their flagship store. Based out of Queens, the story started in 2011 when the brand launched and opened their doors, and now they have decided to move (still is Astoria). Their collection can be viewed at the new location as doors are opening. Watch the video of how they created, recreated and re-introduced their brand and business.

Fashion| KITH’s New New York Flagship Store

• For all non-New Yorker’s I don’t expect you to care about this much but to all the fashion addicts in the Tri-State area.. This one is for you. KITH has expanded their new Flagship Store and it is EPIC. The video above is a quick preview to the new awesome look that Kith & architecture brand Snarkitecture, have developed and offering to the public.  A new entry from Bleecker Street links the newly expanded apparel store with the existing footwear store. The entry prominently features KITH’s curated selection of accessories in a theatrically-lit environment. Overhead, a custom Snarkitecture installation creates the first main focal point of the store: an elliptical dome made from nearly 500 all-white cast replicas of the original 1985 Jordan 1.

A doorway leads into the main space of the store, where mannequins highlight the newest apparel collections. On axis with the mannequins is a display which at first appears opaque, but upon approach turns completely clear to reveal the latest KITH release. A set of risers near the storefront windows features KITH Seasonal merchandise while also providing a place for customers to sit and take in the environment of the store. The opposite side of the store is home to a massive shelving system that displays the KITH Classics collection.
This main area of the store is tied together by another custom installation: a wall with nearly 15,000 custom KITH-branded pencils. The wall is interactive as well – customers are encouraged to take a pencil from the wall as a souvenir of their visit.