GoodGarbs stands as a social representative for Fashion, Art, Music and Events dedicated to the trends and tastemakers of todays society. 

At GoodGarbs.com the main focus is to bring updates of what happens daily in these genres from Around the World while introducing New Artist and Designers that are just surfacing. GoodGarbs is a growing media outlet that has plans to branch out to GoodGarbs LiveStream Radio, GoodGarbs WebStore and Most Excitingly A Published GoodGarbs Magazine. With Open Arms We Here at GoodGarbs Invite All to Be Apart of The History We Aspire to Establish in Media. 

How Can You Be Apart?

First Visit the Contacts Page and Hit Me Up on Any Social Source You Feel Comfortable with.  Emails Work Best!

Who Should Contact Us?

All Brands & Businesses Looking To Advertise to A Global Audience between the ages of 18-35. GoodGarbs is a growing site but has a continuous outreach that is expandingdaily. With several thousand views since the beginning of the year (2014) it is safe to say we will reach over 100k readers before the year is out. Re-Starting this blog December of 2013, it has received a huge response. The Followers have grown and so has the Search Engine presence.

Also All Brands Looking to receive extra media exposure for their Art, Music, Fashion Brand or Event should consider partaking. GoodGarbs is building an elaborate media team of Photographers, Videographers and Personalities who want to establish their talents. We will gladly do live interviews, for photo and film and visit all events we can manage. We hope to help give all brands associated a boost in following and online awarness.

Please Feel Free To Contact Us At Anytime for Any Questions. Enjoy!


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