Gadget & Trends | Polaroid Socialmatic Camera


• 2014 will be indulged in new gadgets & gear that take technology to the next level. Recently announced, Polaroid is releasing a gadget that will take social interactions to a whole new world. Introducing the Polaroid Socialmatic Camera, the new, smart, instant digital camera. Socialmatic LLC has partnered up to give the ultimate interactive photography experience!

• This 14 MP smart camera is equipped with Front & Rear camera (for those selfie lovers) & prints in ZINK® Zero Ink® printing technology. This Camera is offered in Black & White and has exclusive QR Mood Assistant. Get Piece to have at all social events & family gatherings. Socialmatic LLC will be at CES in Las Vegas at the Polaroid booth debuting this new technology today Jan. 7th-10th. Welcome to the beginning of 2014 Social Trends!


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