Lifestyle | Whats Does Your Valentine’s Day History Say About Your Love Life?


~ So A Topic Popped Up at The GoodGarbs Headquarters and We Want To Get Our Readers Feedback. We Want To Know What Your Valentine’s Day History Say About Your Love Life!?

~ Have You Never Had A Successful Valentine’s Day? Does That Mean Anything when It Comes To Your Relationship Life? Do You Always Find Yourself Single Around This Time Of Year? Is That Due To An Underline Fear You May Have or Are You Just Scaring The Heck Out Of Your Potential Valentine?

Being single on Valentine’s Day may have you thinking you’re unworthy of love or unlovable. You may worry that you’ll never find someone to love or someone who will love you. If you’re in an unhappy relationship you may feel the same way. There is no such thing as being unlovable.  Everyone has the potential of being loved by others. Just try not to compare yourself with the people you see on your television or movie screen. Who of us looks like the actors in commercials or romance movies? Who of us has brilliant writers writing our lines for us? But yet, we’re all lovable. Do you really know anyone who has a relationship that’s like those portrayed in the movies or on commercials? -from PsychologyToday

So do You Feel Bad About Being Single on Valentine’s Day? Do You Ever Question The Person Who Has A New Valentine on EVERY Valentine’s Day? What Does That Say About Them? Does Having To Many Valentine’s Say You Unsteady but Liked? Can People Only Stand You For That Day & Then Want To Leave Immediately?

We At GoodGarbs believe This Is A Serious Propaganda Holiday to Get Sells Up for Pharmacies Selling Candy & Flower Shops. A Daily Appreciation of The One You Love Is Better Than Any Valentine’s Gift. At The End Of The Day We Just Hope Everyone Finds Happiness, whether its with Someone Else or By Yourself. Hope Everyone Enjoys Their Day and Show Love EVERYDAY!!

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