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Technology|Google Reveals Adroid Wear

~ Above is the First Official look into the newly Google released Android Wear collection of watches. As many expected Google was intending to join the wearable technology group soon enough. Today was the announcement of the Android Wear, a version of operating systems meant specifically for wearable devices. Watches, as many expected, is the first officially released product that Google released.  Naturally fitness will be one of the key features of the new wearable collection, as well as communication with your smartphone and according to Google they are already working with Asus, HTC, LG, Motorola, and Samsung on wearables.

We at GoodGarbs Headquarters are very excited about the upcoming changes in technology. Just from the commercial we cannot wait to experiment with its functionality and operating system’s interactions. The music collecting and voice command response are two of the features we are extremely pleased to see so far. GPS capabilities was something we all figured would be a given feature. Somethings we think would be cool is projectable images on solid surfaces like what is offered with your phone. Of course we know its something they are thinking about and maybe presented on future releases. Also will it be able to play to wireless speakers and items.


There is no further information as to new release dates and on other devices for now, but as you know GoodGarbs will be keeping you updated. We also will be waiting to see what Apple will do in reaction to this new development.


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