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Art & Accessories|TRIWA presents ‘Hine” a Short Film

• Stockholm accessory brand TRIWA presents a new short film in celebration of their latest watch collection. Titled “Hine,” the film explores the myth of creation as told by the Mauri people of New Zealand. According to the myth, Rangi was the Father Sky and his wife, Papa, was the Mother Earth. Wanting to prevent the creation of the world, Rangi sought an embrace with Papa. Their divine children struggle to break free. Tane, the God of the Forest, finally succeeded and created the first woman, named Hine, whom he married. Their children were the first Polynesian people. Tane created the world by giving the impulse of movement in a static scheme and inhabited this world with a beautiful woman who was the living link between the gods and the people. The message? Movement is life.

“Hine” is directed and animated by Damien Elroy Vignaux, the same creative behind our popular In My Boyfriend’s Clothes series and features production by Doity, makeup by Stefan Kehl, and styling by Christina Van Zon. Further credits include Philip Reinhold as the DOP, fashion by Dawid Tomaszewski & Ep_Anoui, music by D.L.I.D, and modeling by Natascha (SEEDS).

Look for the collection now straight from TRIWA’s online shop.

S/O HighSnobiety


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