Lifestyle|Leaving The Land: Pole House by F2 Architecture

 Pole House by F2 Architecture Australia 2014

•Sitting on top of a  42 foot high pylon buried into the land is a concrete platform on which the infamous Pole House is built. Amazingly defying gravity as we know it this structure sets the tone for the appeal of its comfort. The deep black walls visible while approaching the diamond shaped house from the rear entrance provides an imposing impression that becomes well meshed with its petite style: a black cell floating above, and cut off from, a paradise.

The given false impression is disintegrated when you enter. Pole House barters the grandeur decor of a mansion for that of a luxury suite, while incorporating the expansive interiors of the former while maintaining the inviting comfort of the latter. Confused Much? To give more detail, the bathroom is centrally located in a timber clad drum that divides the bedroom and living space, the interior being of average size, small and inviting, not large and imposin. This marks the contrast to the scale of the views that it’s floor to ceiling panoramic glass windows look out over.

 Pole House by F2 Architecture Australia 2014

Colorways gives a lift of life and needed contrast. The interior being composed of sleek gray euclidean surfaces that match with the darker roof and walls and concrete bridge outside. As the bathroom rises from the floor and stops before meeting the ceiling, so too the fireplace descends out of the ceiling and halts a few feet above the floor. To its right, a modern entertainment center allows for the comforts of simple society without distracting from the scenery, and a sofa completes the welcomingly sparse living room without any unnecessary crowding.

The glass table top in the dining room coincides perfectly with F2’s economy of space, perhaps for the reason that it aligns with the tendency in Pole House to not occupy guests’ attention too particularly with any single design feature: the table is functional, see-through, and allows for table mats whose colors correspond to the tones dominating the entire design.

 Pole House by F2 Architecture Australia 2014  Pole House by F2 Architecture Australia 2014  Pole House by F2 Architecture Australia 2014  Pole House by F2 Architecture Australia 2014

Photography By F2 Architecture

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