EVENT| Tonite We Are Live for the #LikeMike Pop Up Event


• World! Listen come support GoodGarbs tonite if you are in the area of Montclair, NJ as we join forces with artist Zaedough and a list of other great talent such as KING SPIFF, Nicholas Ryan Gant, London McKoy, & Community Music. Tonight We Start The Festivities at 7pm Sharp. This event is the showcasing of a collaboration between Isaiah J Tate. (Zeadough) & Grateful Apparel. With the list of talent included along with a Q&A segment and a list of socialites present the time is going to be well spent. The ever so popular sneaker boutique Takeover has graced us yet again another chance to come invite our fends community and you to a great time with great people. So come support tonight as we celebrate the new age in culture and the creative minds who inhabit it .

Come Be Apart Of Culture, Talent and Great Vibes. Also, follow the Talent of Tonight!

Nicholas Ryan Gant 


@anonymous_xi &@Genaro_Ortiz

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NJ Breed Me // Music And Art Raised Me // Fashion & Social Events Made Me Who I Am ... I Put Them All To Use And Create! Watch My Work

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