Art| Stream Your Way Through The VOICE GEMS META-MUSEUM

The metaverse is not short on enticing experiences for attendees to enjoy from meta-concerts to interactive museums. Two of the leading vocal experimentalists, Harry Yeff (Reeps100) and Trung Bao, have unveiled their latest collection of vocal art dubbed VOICE GEMS META-MUSEUM.

The two meta-designers prepared a virtual space to host their sculptural sound bytes that are hung like paintings across the dim-lite virtual venue. The series showcase archived VOICE GEMS of prominent figures and voices alongside experimental bytes that investigate vocal phenomena and technology. Many of the structures are generated from anonymous sources, AI-generated voices, dying languages and even the voices of critically endangered species.

The development of the museum and the art-series took six months which was supported by an array of prominent figures such as  Ai WeiweiFelipe Pantone, Platon, Lily Cole and Johann König, who helped create these unique digital sculptures. These one of a kind gemstones are made available on popular meta platforms such as  Foundation and OpenSea.

Enjoy Some Instagram Examples Of The VOICE GEMS META-MUSEUM and More Images Below!

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