Fashion| @BrownMillCo ‘Season 3’ Arrives w/ “The World Needs Unity” Theme & Designs

New Jersey based brand, Brown Mill Company offers up yet another timeless series of pieces perfectly fitted for the weather as well as social conversation. Dubbed ‘Season 3’, Brown Mill’s latest collection release adds to a year of development and growth the brand has experience over the year. From opening their official Head-quarters to continuing to tour the country debuting their hand-sewn designs, Brown Mill has made the best out of a pretty intense year. Staying on brand with their community dedicated mantra and mission, this new collection has a loud message it wants to get across which is “The World Needs Unity”.

In the words of Brown Mills owners (Justis, Kwaku and Taha):

Season 3 emphasizes the presence of home, kinship, and warmth that thrives from our community. The “The World Needs Unity” revival collection unveils the importance of rejecting divisive spaces that threaten the progression that unity ignites. We aspire to inspire collectiveness regardless of race, nationality, religion, socioeconomic status, and other factors that historically distribute our communities. The Bones T-Shirt emphasizes the notion that we all hold flesh and bones– which familiarizes us with each other. We are bigger than the boundaries and expectations placed on us. The Unite Or Perish T-Shirts originated from the famous quote, “United we stand, divided we fall.” The Women’s History Hoodies serve as reminders that women are the backbones of humanity. The Black History Hoodies signify the importance of unity in the black community as we push towards progression, prosperity, and enlightenment. We hope to set the tone — this collection aims to translate warmth and significance into fashion.

Details of the Season 3 include the brand’s most renown piece, ‘The World Needs Unity’ Tee, reimagined with new color ways. The theme, ‘The World Need Unity’, is also seen embroidered on carpenter jackets, chino pants, quarter sweaters and more. Adding to the collection is the brand’s latest design addition ‘Unite or Perish’ design which is featured exclusively on a long sleeve tee series. The Big ‘B’ Essential Logo is also adorned on a few weather savvy pieces like hoodies and sweat pants for comfortable choices for this coming winter.

The Season 3 Collection by Brown Mill Company Is Now Available At Their Main Website.

Enjoy A Full Look at Brown Mill Company’s Season 3 Collection Below!

Events| “Heard They Outside” Event-List (Feat. @ThisIsRNB @dearclarity @BrownMillCo and More)

As March has just begun, we have been invited to some amazing events coming in the next few months from an array of curators, brands and artist. Events from Brooklyn to Baltimore and even into Atlanta, these upcoming months are filled with music, fashion and plenty of great vibes.

Above is our first event that takes place in Brooklyn, New York dubbed “Not Another 90’s Party” supported by Music Influence brand ThisIsRNB and hosted by writer & playlist curator Kevin Clark. This ongoing series features a room of R&B enthusiast who have a true appreciation for all things ’90’s’. Taking place Friday, March 5th (tomorrow) at the renown GoodLife BK venue in Brooklyn, is the network heavy gathering featuring signature spirits and music provided by Edica. Are you in Brooklyn this weekend? RSVP for the free event here!

Image result for Not Another 90s Party

Next on our calendar is a fashion based event hosted by New Jersey-based fashion design brand BrownMill Clothing Co.. The renown recycle based brand has become a staple for high-end streetwear and has pioneered the idea of utilizing recycled garments to patch together amazing designs. To celebrate growth and unveiling newly crafted pieces, BrownMill is hosting a home-based pop-up event in Somerville, New Jersey. Held at a Somerville staple, Evolve Clothing Gallery on W. Main Street, BrownMill will be showcasing new available pieces that have been coveted by their followers.

BrownMill Clothing has branded a release series called “Good Friday’s” which offer up fresh from the press pieces. This series has gained the brand much recognition and hosting events such as their upcoming “Homecoming Pop-Up Shop” is a great way to get to know the owners while seeing their collection live. March 28th come out to Somerville, New Jersey and get your hands on custom BrownMill pieces live.

Last on our calendar for this segment is our great friend @CuratedbyKea‘s upcoming holistic music experience. Kea is the renown playlist curator, socialite, open forum and so much more and she is finally taking her influence and turning it into a live event. The Instagram Influencer is known for discovering the best in R&B and Hip-Hop as she has a fan-base over 10k and growing. Lately, Kea has been debuted on major blog sites like ThisIsR&N, Medium and more sharing her love for music and life experiences. More impressive is her new website Dear Clarity, which focused on people sharing life stories and experiences.

CuratedbyKea is bring a new event series dubbed “Mend Me Your Ear” to Baltimore with the help of acupuncture facility MEND. This holistic musical experience is a charity-supporting experience where guest will not only enjoy sounds & vibes provided by Kea but also will have the chance to enjoy some holistic acupuncture practices. With a $15 donation requested, proceeds will go to The Family Tree of Maryland. Additionally, this event will have food and beverage vendors supplying guest with some delicious to help digest this amazing experience.

Need A Holistic Experience? April 17th, Join CuratedbyKea For “Mend Me Your Ear” Event Series!

RSVP To An Event Near You Above & Enjoy A Playlist By @CuratedbyKea Below!

Fashion| @BrownMillCo Unveils More Bold Looks For Their ‘Good Friday: February 2020’ Capsule


Hailing from New Jersey, is a unique sew & stitch fashion brand called Brownmill and they have a strong mission and message with their brand. The community-conscious, eco-friendly and overall detailed oriented brand that is devised of three young entrepreneurs who appreciate a good “fit” (term used in New Jersey for outfit). Maintaining their latest roll-out of unisex fashion for the Winter, Brownmill brings forth their latest lookbook for their appreciated series Good Friday.

Good Friday: February 2020 series does not fall short one bit as the capsule offers every item one would shop for. This one stop shop release is cascaded with weather-considered design and comfort is at the helm of each design. Brownmill is renown for utilizing recycled textiles to curate their releases and this collection receives some notable touches. Comprised of hoodies, sweatpants, vest, t-shirts, parkas, letterman jackets, wool-beenies, button-down flannels shirts and more are offered up for both men and women.

Signature pieces include their voguish branded t-shirts with the Brownmill stitch tag placed center of the tee and also their patch letterman that comes in Indigo Blue and tan trimming. The letterman is branded with the bold blue Brownmill “B” on the chest-plate. Building on their branding, Brownmill presents a Army Green t-shirt with their slogan “The World Doesn’t Need Any New New Shit”, which speaks to their brand identity and mission to support fashion brands utilizing recyled goods. Additionally, the series also sees as few rain jackets that are sighted for this collection in a orange colorway. Many of the brands favorites are presented in cream and black colorways maintaining a consistent look as bold branding of Brownmill is diversely placed. A flannel collection also highlights the capsule as it is fitting for the New Jersey temperatures.

Stay tuned for release information as the company usually throws a fun event for person to person interaction. Visit their website to shop for last month’s favorites.

Take A Look At Brownmill’s Good Friday: February 2020 LookBook Below!

IMG_4992 (1).jpg
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