Music| @Prekairo Offers Perfect Vibes On New EP “Glo Up”

As the world is on pause, our ears are now open to what the world of music has to offer and one gem that has been hiding in the far corners of Cairo, Egypt is a crafty crooner by the name Pre Kai Ro. The subtle play on words noted in his name is a form of the artist paying homage to his rich history and background. As he unveils his seductive cadence and salacious writing, Pre is a rising sound that has finally offered his cult-following a full work of music to measure with and in our opinion, He Delivers.

Dubed ‘Glo Up‘, this project is a musical manifestation of what to expect to see from this middle-east artist with an arresting presence on profound production. Leading the EP is the self-titled single “Glo Up” which Pre released just weeks ago. Melding this new era of R&B with lyrical versatility has been an identity Pre Kai Ro has continued to display and Glo Up is a transparent display of this aesthetic. A chill yet uptempo energy is the foundation laid for Pre to melodically maneuver over. This timely introduction provide an enticing walkway for the next set of records that proceed it.

Applying relentless vibe-based pressure is Pre’s next track “Coastline“; a bay-area bass-line bounce with an exotic Toronto-trance sound. Pre recruits Cuban Hip-Hop artist PRZNT for this party-themed follow-up. Infectious flow is the leading tool in crafting this record, as Pre and PRZNT tag-team verses.

Next on the line-up is the more cadence classic dubbed ‘LA for A Month‘ which is a tale of times in LA with women and a list of bad choices. The landmark plays for the perfect scenery for this airy piece. Pre showcases his melodic ability and range for this song. He has become renown for his high alto-cadence and the keyboard heavy production is ideal for this. 808’s is still the heartbeat for this record providing a youthful ambiance within this fervent feature.

The slowest tempo on this entire project is the median of the EP in a record dubbed “Complicated“. Serving up righteous R&B energy, Complicated speaks on the nature of relationships and the necessary growth each one experiences. Pre Kai Ro maintains a sense of mystery but unveils some transparency with lyrics like “You can go I won’t keep you down” placing options at his love’s feet while making it known he won’t be played.

Thorough theatrics are submitted for “Starry Rari“, an arcane offering featured by Dubai-based vocalist Sobhhi. From the introduction we are met with bone-chilling blares from what sounds to be a reverberated tuba. The prowling production sets the stage for Pre’s raconteur of rare evenings and enticing events. He is shortly joined by Sobhhi’s falsetto fables about similar extravaganzas.

This project would not be complete with some island-inspired auras evident on the line-up. Pre Kai Ro hits that target with ‘Tears‘, a dance-hall two-step tune made for rekindling and reminiscing. Pre globalizes his sound with adding this cultural addition to his roster. He also manages to seal the deal on day-time brunch party-playlist for the summer with this single.

Finishing the project is Pre’s easy-going outro record “Easy Money”. This record is by-far the most pronounced in clear production and an true depiction of Pre’s writing ability. His vocal presence is secure as he finds pockets to showcase his riddling range. Pouring out his feelings, Pre Kai Ro gains much momentum with this entire project and this finale track should feel like holding the championship belt above his head.

Pre Kai Ro has arrived… Stream ‘Glo Up’ Here!

Take A Full Listen To Pre Kai Ro’s ‘Glo Up’ EP Above!

Art & Design|Take Food Porn to the Next Level with Foodography

• #Foodporn has become of the leading Hashtag that is used on Instagram & Twitter and has inspired many great innovative ideas that help promote not just this Hashtag but the culinary and art world as a whole. So recently announced by Tel Aviv-based Carmel Winery and Catit restaurant is the Food and Art inspired project dubbed “Foodography”, which is a project that offers a culinary and photographic experience through two models of plates: the Limbo, with its high-backdrop design is perfect for still photography and the 360: a revolving platform for shooting video footage. You get given a crash course in foodography while you dine and for the price of $ 155 per hour, your food will never look better!


Music| CVIRO and GXNXVS “Benjamins”

%name Premiere: CVIRO and GXNXVS Benjamins

• Australian singer Cviro (pronounced Cairo) & producer Gxnxvs (meant to spell Genius) have taken the opportunity to fit in with the new but not original spelling of their names. Replacing vowels with x’s and v’s this new fade in pop culture holds high demands but the originality that Cviro & Gxnxvs posses is in their music. Successfully toeing the line between creative homage and cheesy appropriation (thanks in large part to GXNXVS’ excellent, understated production and CVIRO’s equally measured performance), the duo’s new single “Benjamins” is an infectious, bouncy slice of au courant R&B. Escaping the term “vibey”, ‘Benjamins’ sound hints more towards a kinetic cool. ENJOY Below!