Music| CVIRO and GXNXVS “Benjamins”

%name Premiere: CVIRO and GXNXVS Benjamins

• Australian singer Cviro (pronounced Cairo) & producer Gxnxvs (meant to spell Genius) have taken the opportunity to fit in with the new but not original spelling of their names. Replacing vowels with x’s and v’s this new fade in pop culture holds high demands but the originality that Cviro & Gxnxvs posses is in their music. Successfully toeing the line between creative homage and cheesy appropriation (thanks in large part to GXNXVS’ excellent, understated production and CVIRO’s equally measured performance), the duo’s new single “Benjamins” is an infectious, bouncy slice of au courant R&B. Escaping the term “vibey”, ‘Benjamins’ sound hints more towards a kinetic cool. ENJOY Below!

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