Music| @TheChainsmokers Tour The City in New Break-Up Video “Ipad”

Our good friends Alex & Drew have resurfaced from a soft hiatus with a encapsulating segment of releases including their latest single ‘IPad‘, which joins in on the fun. Fresh from the bands first 2022 single ‘High‘, the renowned duo offers fans a captivating new record that can only be described as the happiest break-up record out. To be clear, Ipad is the realization of how an unhealthy relationship has to come to and end.

‘Ipad’ is delivered with a custom Kid-Studio directed visual that showcases, vocalist Drew, as he tours the New York City streets engaging with residents and the many faces that can be seen when we are back outside living life. A disgruntled Drew came up with these words during a social dry-spell, stating “We wrote this song when I felt like I didn’t have anyone to talk to,”. They continued describing this record as:

“It wasn’t that I didn’t have anyone that would listen, but I had reached a level of cognitive dissonance that I felt was unexplainable. I don’t keep a journal so writing this song and the others on this album (and past albums) is my opportunity to organize my thoughts.

The Chainsmokers

The two leading singles ‘High’ and ‘IPad’ will both be making it to the upcoming, yet-untitled fourth album, which we have yet to hear a release date for. We do know, the duo’s last LP, World War Joy, dropped in December 2019.

Enjoy The New Video For ‘IPad’ By The ChainSmokers Above & Stream It Below!

Design| Sou Fujimoto Unveils “House of Music” for Budapest City Park

Sou Fujimoto, a Japanese architect, has decided to unveil his highly anticipated House of Music  to the public.

The House of Music features a distinct billow style roof inspired by sound waves. The bee-hive inspired canopy consists of 100 crater-like perforations that allow light in and an underbelly covered in 30,000 gold-colored leaves. The 94 custom heat-insulated glass walls are almost entirely translucent, while thin structured support beams are scattered throughout the building, blending in with the natural surroundings outside.

“There is perhaps no other cultural area where Hungarian art has made a bigger impact than in music… yet the country has no center to provide a comprehensive overview of the treasures of their legacy in the global context of music history,”

reads the Liget Budapest park description.

The House of Music Hungary aims to fill that need, celebrating the contributions made by Hungarian musicians over the past 2 millenniums. The new cultural landmark is situated in Budapest’s City Park, overlooking Városliget lake with Vajdahunyad Castle as the backdrop.

Take a virtual visit and stop by the Liget Budapest website for more information.

Take A Detailed Look At The Sou Fujimoto “House Of Music” Below!

Film| @DuskoPoppington Shares He Has Begun Filming ‘Paid In Full 2″

Dusko Poppington best known as Dame Dash has recently shared his plans for a Paid in Full sequel that’s already in the works. “I’m about to shoot Paid In Full in Newark.”, says the Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder. Dame’s renown for many business and music ventures, but one of the most lucrative choices was to produce the Hip-Hop cult classic that is Paid In Full.

As he was having a conversation with AllHipHop, Dame exclaimed “I’m about to shoot Paid In Full in Newark.” He continued, “It’s what happens after he put all that work on the street and somebody had to get that money back. And I actually was one of the only d******* that lost money. Well, not d******, but I lost money in that one. Everyone else caught bricks, I lost 10 racks, I’m 16.”

Dame also added “There’s a lot of perspectives that people don’t know. We chose three, really one. Now I’m showing all perspectives.” He also added, “So you’ll see a perspective from the stickup kids at the time, see a perspective of the younger dudes, I was a younger dude, the 16-year-olds. You’ll see perspectives from Kevin Childs, Jay Black, everybody, Lou Simms. It’s going to be off the hook. Trust me. A lot of other little stories will be told.”

There is currently no release date for the film.

Enjoy The Original Trailer for Dame Dash’s “Paid In Full” Above!

Music| The Highly Anticipated & Soulful EP ‘Rapunzel’ by @Dhrvie Has Arrived

Not missing a step since his well-received video release of “Double Take” and last single “Stable Life”, the RCA supported artist Dhruv has finally unveiled ‘Rapunzel‘ to the world. The singer/songwriter detailed this project by stating “rapunzel is a scrapbook I’ve kept during a really important few years of personal growth,”. The sound and writing from this project gives great insight to the years of growth and experience Dhruv has been journeying through.

“The title is in reference to a lyric in the closing track, which talks about our childhood selves often being our least inhibited and truest selves. In many ways, I think this project is about me trying to find that version of myself.”

– Dhruv

Dhruv utilizes this 8-track EP to detail his story all while giving fans their favorite sounds from him including records such as “double take,” “airplane thoughts,” and even offers a new favorite “grateful” which was accompanied the EP release with a video out today. The true musician that Dhruv is has been awaiting this great chance to provide listeners with a full project to indulge in that is adorned in soothing production and covetous writing. Vocally, Dhruv is a soulful crooner who is melding cultures and sounds in true R&B fashion.

rapunzelTrack List

1.      retrograde

2.      moonlight

3.      double take

4.      airplane thoughts

5.      vulnerable

6.      what’s wrong with me?

7.      stable life

8.      grateful

Enjoy A Full Listen To Dhruv’s ‘Rapunzel’ Below and Watch ‘grateful’ Music Video Above!

Music| Watch @TheWeeknd & @Amazonmusic Live “103.5 DAWN FM” Experience

Prior to it’s release, 103.5 DAWN FM was premiered to a group of lucky attendees by The Weeknd and Amazon Music weeks before his major release. This private live-stream listening event was hosted on Twitch by the music powerhouse Amazon Music and has now been made available for everyone via Youtube.

In the hear of Los Angeles, the dim-lite experience saw a group of discreet individuals becoming the first to publicly enjoy the Canadian artist’s fifth studio album from start to finish. According to The Weeknd, “The power of the 103.5 Dawn FM experience is that maximum fulfillment comes when all who hear it are tuned in at the same time.” Brilliantly, The social experience showcased a prosthetically aged The Weeknd standing from an illuminated booth serving as DJ for the group on the dance floor.

Enjoy The Weeknd x Amazon Music’s Live Stream Debut of 103.5 Dawn FM Above & Stream The Album Below!

Music| @Netflix Offers Official Trailer For @Kanyewest New Documentary ‘JEEN-YUHS’

The recently 2022 Sundance Film Festival premiered documentary ‘JEEN-YUHS’ is a three-part docu-series that walks us through the journey of becoming Kanye West, which is set to showcase on Netflix in February.

Netflix just revealed the trilogy’s latest official trailer showcasing some vintage clips of the creative icon-in-the-making, in his beginning years. The trailer starts off with a video from 2002 where the one that now goes by Ye is hanging out with hip hop artist Rhymefest in New York, the latter of which questions why West should deem himself a genius. Within the one minute clip, we also get a glimpse at old bits of the DONDA artist in the studio with Pharrell and Jay-Z, a small snippet of him recovering from his life-changing 2002 car accident, performances on stage, his iconic moment with Kid Cudi at the Yeezy Season 3/The Life of Pablo listening party and more.

“It was like God saying “I’m about to hand you the world, just know at any given time I could take it away from you”, West states towards the latter half of the video, likely referring to the humility and gratitude that he received following the aforementioned car crash.

Be on the lookout for JEEN-YUHS to release exclusively on Netflix come February 16.

Enjoy the full trailer of ‘JEEN-YUHS’ Docu-series About Kanye West Above!

Music| @TheWeeknd Reveals His Tracklist for ‘Dawn FM’ In New Trailer

In classic Abel-fashion, The Weeknd unveiled his official tracklist for Dawn FM, in a cinematic fashion with a dramatic trailer this Wednesday.

Above is the official trailer that highlights a dark Gemini Man –type short showcasing a current version of The Weeknd experiencing an older version. The minute long video was shared via social media which teases  “a new sonic universe from the mind of The Weeknd”. This allows fan to enjoy some first-time visual views and audio.

Take a look at the newly-unveiled Dawn FM tracklist, below.

1. Dawn FM
2. Gasoline
3. How Can I Make You Love Me
4. Take My Breath
5. Sacrifice
6. A Tale By Quincy [Jones]
7. Out Of Time
8. Here We Go Again
9. Best Friends
10. Is There Someone Else?
11. Starry Eyes
12. Every Angel Is Terrifying
13. Don’t Break My Heart
14. I Heard You’re Married
15. Less Than Zero
16. Phantom Regret by Jim [Carey]

Enjoy The Official Short-Film Trailer For ‘Dawn FM’ and Tracklist Above!

Music| Week 1 of 2022 Music Release Announcements feat. @TheWeeknd @1GunnaGunna and more

As 2022 begins, we all have a bit of anxiety to what the new year will bring. One thing that is for sure in 2022 is that great music is ahead. Within the first week of 2022, we have already watched the internet start a frenzy over a few recent announcements of what to expect releasing this upcoming Friday. Names such as The Weeknd, 2 Chainz, Gunna and more are setting timelines on fire with their release roll-outs. We are here to detail what you can expect this upcoming weekend.

The Weeknd took to his social media with a simple image of what looks like an aged version of Abel himself, as the official artwork for his upcoming album. Dubbed ‘Dawn FM‘, The Weeknd shared on Instagram, showcasing the Toronto-based artist as an older version of himself, complete with wrinkles, grey hair and a solemn expression on his face. The Weeknd’s aged-up persona, which previously appeared in the minute-long trailer for the forthcoming project, appears to be the artist’s key identity on the album. Paying close attention, the trailer for After Hours follow-up details of intended features including  Tyler, the CreatorLil Wayne, Quincy Jones, Oneohtrix Point Never, and, interestingly, actor Jim Carrey.

The official Weeknd webstore list two alternate Dawn FM album covers, named the Collector’s 01 and Collor’s 02 editions. Those versions, which feature artwork from Robert Beatty, will be available in both CD and vinyl formats. Expect the project this Friday!

Gunna, returns with what seems to be the final installment to his ‘Drip Season’ series. DS4 is announced with a high-end art choice as we see Gunna in a Daniel Arsham design artwork for his cover. The artwork gets an outstanding design from contemporary artist Daniel Arsham, resembling Gunna as a diamond-filled statue of the rapper wearing an iced-out chain and black, angular sunglasses. Brilliantly, Gunna allows Daniel to post the cover to his Instagram while tagging Gunna.

According to the ATL-based rapper, ‘Drip Season 4’ will be his last installment of this series but has yet to name any features but earlier this week, the hip-hop artist shared a teaser video to Instagram featuring himself and his friends getting together for drinks with the caption, “DS4 1-7-22 #HNY !!” next to a series of emojis. What we do know is that we are getting new music and it should be classic. You can look for this project releasing this Friday!

2 Chainz hinted to an upcoming release later this month that breaks his hiatus and gives some much anticipated music news to timelines. Earlier today, 2 Chainz went to his social media with a still image of him on tour and a elongated caption stating “Hey you how you been !?, Its been a minute I know ,but im back with something new and exotic . You know I ain’t been around this long with out being a thinker and a constant student & teacher of the game my album “ DOPE DONT SELL ITSELF “ drops this month and single drops this week Sincerely Yours , Two Tone Toni”.

News shared states Dope Don’t Sell Itself, will be Chainz’ last trap album. The god-father of trap will be making a renown exit and we should all take a moment to pay it respect.

Enjoy All The Artwork For Week 1 of 2022 In Music Releases Above!

Music| @IllZeeWill Teams Up w/ His Brother @KasinoKam For A LA-Hype Record “Re-UP”

Fresno based tandem Zee Will & Kasino Kam are two highly talented and city-supported talents that never miss when releasing music together. Returning from a recent release, Zee Will offers listeners yet another alluring release. In response to his highly viewed record ‘Recoup’, which has over 300,00 views via Vevo, is the newly hype record ‘Re-UP”. Maintaining the Fresno sound, Zee and Kam are back with yet another hit record.

The Kasino Kam produced record has all the components that Zee and Kam have become renown for. A ton of energy, great wordplay and an array of flows are just apart of the recipe that makes for great music from the two brothers. Kasino Kam hands over a infectious beat that, alone would catch listeners as first beat but luckily for Kam he has a wordsmith to call at any time. ‘Re-UP’ is an ode to taking the game by force and getting back the energy we put in. Zee delivers a riveting release that we can only expect should be accompanied by a video.

Enjoy The New Single ‘Re-UP’ by Zee Will (prod. Kasino Kam) and Also Watch ‘Recoup’ Music Video Below!

Music| Resurfacing With a Bedroom-Pop Release, @PeachSorry Offers Fans New Single ‘I’ve Been Feeling Lonely’

After a quiet 2020, the growing sounds of Bedroom-Pop band Sorry, Peach, has resurfaced with a rising new single dubbed ‘I’ve Been Feeling Lonely’.

Since the resounding response from their 2019 EP release, ‘Don’t Ask If I’m Okay’ which featured their hit single ‘Solitude’, the lady-based band has put out a few singles but mostly have stayed indoors during our recent pandemic. With hope on the horizon and a need to share their thoughts through song, The Band Is Back. Resurfacing with a calming ballad dubbed “I’ve Been Feeling Lonely”, the band presents a soothing heart-felt record about a needed separation. 

‘I’ve Been Feeling Lonely’ is an acoustic ode to the understanding that it has come to pass in a relationship where it’s simply better to separate then to continue to misunderstand one another. Lead vocalist, Tyerra offers an enlightening point of view from a lover who is giving out more than they receive. In classic Sorry, Peach fashion, the song is adorned with dreamy chords from the piano and a playful bassline lurking in the background. Subtle live-drums lead the way from start to finish as the tempo is set on relaxed for full listening pleasure. Collectively, the instrumentation and vocal excellence makes for yet another hit record by Sorry, Peach.   

Enjoy A Full Listen To The New Bedroom-Pop Release “I’ve Been Feeling Lonely” by Sorry, Peach Below!