Music| Presenting The 5th Season of WhoGotBars?

• Nothing starts the day better then some lyrical geniuses battling.. In our opinion of course. This is why we are very excited to announce that WhoGotBars? 5th season is on it’s way. If you have no idea about the underground world of WhoGotBars?,  go check the site and catch up! Get to know the WhoGotBars? team hosted by @DroppingJuels who is also a good friend of GoodGarbs and you may even spot Juels on a few upcoming videos from us. Meet the unspoken talent that is stored away in the South where the series takes place. Enjoy the journey of rappers, fans and the industry that is Underground Rap.

WhoGotBars? is now holding auditions on Oct 27-30th, so go visit and find out more!

Music| New Video for Jaden Smith ‘Fast’

• Back from a short hiatus, the actor/rapper known as Jaden Smith returns with a new look, sound and video for his fans. Dreads drape from his head in his latest visual which showcases Jaden’s newest style. His flow mimics that of the New Atlanta sound and a dash of Chi-Raq. He continues to deliver tough lines from his point of view of this entertainment business, relationships and more.

 The minute-and-14-second-long video shows the young Smith rhyming in a garage before he takes to the streets to show off some serious lyrical skills. Rapping at a fast pace and accompanied only by the beat of a drum, Jaden asks, “Why you driving so fast? Girl, where you got to go?” This is siad to be geared towards Kylie Jenner. Who really knows though? Enjoy The Video Below!

Music| Watch a 19-Year-Old Kanye West Rap at Fat Beats

Here is a little #MondayMotivation for all aspiring rappers, musicians, actors, producers, or whatever it is you seek to become. Some old school footage of a 19-year-old Kanye West rapping at NYC’s Fat Beats record store was leaked recently. It’s easy to forget his origins as at the moment he might be more well known for his latest collection with A.P.C. than his rap beginnings, but this clip reminds us of his talents that brought him into the rap world. He steps up to the mic at the opening of New York City’s Fat Beats record store back in 1994 and gives a talent-filled performance in front of many rap names like Nas and delivers with a verse that includes a reference to Alanis Morrisette and a traditional Yeezy-style line, “It ain’t original because I stole it from the future.” ENJOY!