Music| Presenting The 5th Season of WhoGotBars?

• Nothing starts the day better then some lyrical geniuses battling.. In our opinion of course. This is why we are very excited to announce that WhoGotBars? 5th season is on it’s way. If you have no idea about the underground world of WhoGotBars?,  go check the site and catch up! Get to know the WhoGotBars? team hosted by @DroppingJuels who is also a good friend of GoodGarbs and you may even spot Juels on a few upcoming videos from us. Meet the unspoken talent that is stored away in the South where the series takes place. Enjoy the journey of rappers, fans and the industry that is Underground Rap.

WhoGotBars? is now holding auditions on Oct 27-30th, so go visit and find out more!

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