Music| @070Shake & @YesJulz Stop Time w/ New Track “Trust Nobody” & B-day Wishes For @RalphyRiver

Girls that dance 👌🏼

•  Queen’n (To Embrace The Queen That Lives Within) is a trait both YesJulz & Shake must share and admire about one another as they lead their markets and break down boarders of what women will accomplish in 2016. It appears we have stumbled across this generation’s P. Diddy & Biggie duo but with much more appeal and a heat-seeking missile social media marketing approach. This reference comes from a recent YesJulz rant as she built the anticipation for yesterday’s music release from 070’s own Shake. In her tweets, Julz pointed out the history of Diddy and how he manage to start his career as a party promoter and became one of music’s most influential spokesperson. Julz seems to be reaching for similar heights as she continues to debut new music from growing artist on her routine #NewMusicMonday releases. One particular artist that she has taken under her wing is New Jersey’s own Shake070, whom if you stalk timeline’s like we do, you would have seen all over YesJulz IG & Twitter. The duo seems to be impressing listeners and followers, because the new track is already passing 20k listens and is popping up everywhere. Living, Partying, Traveling but most importantly #NeverNotWorking, these two are creating an exciting 2016.


Days after these tweets, Shake proudly presents “Trust Nobody“, a song that timeline lookers have been waiting on and aggressively requesting. Julz, in true Diddy form, announces the release and fans went chancing. The dark production from 070 homies J. Sebastian & EtherPHX receive that lyrical Shake we have come to know. She delivers a heart-felt message about her growth and antisocial attitude towards all fake friends she has and will encounter. In an industry that demands but doesn’t warrant trust, Shake seems equipped with the talent, attitude and surroundings to make it far. One safe bet is that Julz is in her corner and is endorsing her sound at every chance.

As a true friend, Shake waits to release the track until the birthday weekend of her proclaimed brother/best friend Ralphy River. Ralphy has been featured on this site before as a model for twin designers The Lucid Twins for brand Lucid FC. As a member of 070, Ralphy supports his Jersey family and Tonight in Jersey City, New Jersey  you can party with memebrs of the 070 squad. Happy Bornday Ralphy!


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Millennials ditchin


Art| Check Out These Stormtrooper Helmets Transformed To Animal Formations


• The rave of late is the anticipated release of upcoming series film Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which has sent artist and designers on a tangent to created homage dedicated pieces to the iconic film and it’s most known characters. All levels of design were used from jewelry to notepads, but we took a close look at New York artist and Star Wars fanatic Blank Williams, who has decided to re-create his own animalistic design of the stormtroopers helmets. Inspiration reaches from the design of the helemts in the 1976 Imperial Stormtrooper and is redesigned into the shaping of the rhino, elephant and hippo seen in both black and white colorways.


BlankWilliam_TheNewOrder_BlackElephant04lo.jpgBlankWilliam_TheNewOrder_WhiteElephant02lo.jpg BlankWilliam_TheNewOrder_BlackHippo01lo.jpgBlankWilliam_TheNewOrder_WhiteHippo01lo.jpgBlankWilliam_TheNewOrder_WhiteHippo02lo.jpgBlankWilliam_TheNewOrder_BlackHippo02lo.jpgBlankWilliam_TheNewOrder_WhiteRhino01lo.jpgBlankWilliam_TheNewOrder_BlackRhino02lo.jpgBlankWilliam_TheNewOrder_BlackCollection01lo.jpgBlankWilliam_TheNewOrder_WhiteCollection01lo.jpgBlankWilliam_TheNewOrder_BlackCollection03lo.jpg

Art|Famous Movie & TV Locations by Frederico Birchal

• Renown Brazilian artist Frederico Birchal has yet again mastered the art of capturing culture and transforming it into everlasting artworks. His latest release is a clever series of famous locations from popular TV shows and Movies brilliantly mutated into a collection of flat illustrations. Relinquishing his inner architect, Birchal re-designs the homes, hang-outs, and fortresses of cult loved series like Breaking Bad, Friends, and How I Met Your Mother along with movies such as Home Alone & Do The Right Thing.


• Famous Places• Famous Places• Famous Places• Famous Places

Events| RSVP for #ArtLivesInHarlem 2015 featuring Artist @InDRAPERweTrust

• Community based organization #TakeCareofHarlem has joined forces with renown fashion boutique Harlem Haberdashery to curate a unique dedication event highlighting the many artistic contributions and support Harlem Hospital has recieved from abstract artist Ron Draper. On Friday October 2nd, 2015 this Celebratory Reception For Artist Ronald Draper be an Evening Acknowledging His Many Contributions Of Art To The Hospital. The #TakeCareOfHarlem #ArtLivesInHarlem initiative aims to promote & showcase the continous thriving art scene in Harlem. #TakeCareOfHarlem started as a simple way to highlight charitable work and/or good deeds done for the betterment of the community. Join Us 10.02.15 As We Continue To Elevate The Movement & Introduce A New Chapter #ArtLivesInHarlem. 

Drinks & Light Refreshments Will Be Served. Drinks Sponsored by @CliqueVodka


Fashion| Ebbets, Fielders Choice and Port Team up for “Cleats Up Club” Collection

• Revisiting the fashion studio for a second collaborative collection, is brands Ebbets, Fielders Choice and Port on the vintage baseball inspired capsule dubbed “Cleats Up Club”. Meant to pay homage to America’s favorite game, the three brands join forces to acknowledge the many players in this game and the long fashion history that baseball has provided. Honing in on the classic baseball aesthetic, the brands crafted a duffel bag, a six-panel cap, a coaches jacket, and various fleece tops, each of which has been handcrafted. Overall, the pieces shines light on a time period and a fashion style that has fore fathered a lot of what is worn today. Stop by Port to get your piece of this collection.


Art| Check out @PoorMarty New Portrait LookBook “People Watching: Union Square”


• PoorMarty is the photographer and streetwear blogger that has worked alongside us on many previous projects. As a contributor to the PoorHouse Magazine and website, PoorMarty is creating a great name for himself in art and fashion alike. We have been tracking PoorMarty’s works for a while and have grown a great appreciation for his most recent project “People Watching: Union Square“. This is a segment in which Marty travels and admires the local people of his chosen location. This trending and attention grasping  concept is giving life to art photography for youthful individuals like PoorMarty. Delivering his uniquely edited photos, Marty captures Union Square gazers and social participants in their natural habitat. New York is one coty that is always photogenic and Marty properly portrays it’s never-ending beauty.


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Music|Listen to “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late” Drake’s New Album

• Thus far, OVO C.E.O., Drake has mastered the art presentation in his appreciable career and around 12:40 something late last night Aubrey gave one of the best examples of marketing and artistry. The Cash Money artist released a surprise album, well at least a surprise to the mass public, that not only demolished the internet but propelled HipHop to new levels. Dubbed “If You’re Reading This It’s To Late“, plays ever so cleverly to his master plan and veers from the anticipated  “Views From The 6” idea. During All-Star Weekend and the start-up of New York Fashion Week, Drake pulls all attention to himself. This Is Marketing! Naturally the world was just seconds late to the knowledge of what could be the Album Of The Year. Hyping this album is the production that accompanied the theatrical lyrics supplied by Toronto’s own.Help from Noah “40” Shebib, Boi-1da, PartyNextDoor, wondagurl, Travis Scott and more, set the floor for Drake to verbally tap dance all over. Listen to the album and let us know what you think. Also enjoy Jungle, a visual from the past that joins the release of this album.

Music| Watch Part 5 of Noisey’s Exploration of Atlanta Trap Music

• As part of Noisey and correspondent Thomas Morton’s continued exploration of the various factors that contribute to Atlanta trap music, part 5 finds him exploring East Atlanta’s Zone 6 – an area plagued by crime but that also has luxury homes nearby. Young Scooter – a Freebandz and Brick Squad affiliate – serves as a tour guide of sorts through another subsection of Atlanta referred to as Little Mexico where Morton dives further into the deeper socioeconomic issues that add to the music.

Fashion| PUMA x Walt “Clyde” Frazier â€śAll-Gold”

• Through out time, Sports and Fashion has developed a romance like none other. With players from many sports taking their fashion statement infront of the camera more serious, we start to see a pattern of designer and players collaborating more than ever. In the NBA one individual is considered the fore-father of fashion for players and he goes by the name Walt “Clyde” Frazier.

This German basketball giant has unveiled recently news of a collaboration with sports brand PUMA ahead of All-Star weekend. Using one of PUMA’s most storied silhouettes, Frazier’s ability to steal the ball earned him the referential moniker, which pays homage to the infamous crime duo Bonnie & Clyde.

The celebratory sneaker features an all-gold upper, offset by a New York City heel tab and packaged in a limited edition illustrated shoe box. This collaboration is a direct display of the artist and athlete relationship that has become so commonly exhibited.

While you check out the all-gold kicks, enjoy the Puma released teaser’s featuring Walt giving insight on fashion below. Also look for them to drop on February 13 at Roc N Sole, Jimmy Jazz, Vinnie’s Styles and Michael K.

Accessories|Urwerk UR-110 “Eastwood” Watch

• Watch company Urwerk are small in size, but their creations are larger than life and definitely from out of this world. Known for their trademark futuristic style, there’s no better testament to this than the UR-110 watch which relies on multiple satellite complications to display the time. Sadly, the watch will be relegated to the history books come early 2015 when it will be removed from the Urwerk lineup. So for the UR-110 watch’s swan song, its makers decided to go out with a bang.

Dubbing it “The Eastwood,” the watch’s bezel is trimmed out in ebony veneer. Two styles are offered: one with a Makassar ebony finish and the other with a lighter red ebony finish. The hour hands are replaced by a series of rotating modules, while the minutes appear on the right side of the watch and scale downwards in chronological order. Take a closer look at the Urwerk UR-110 here.