Art| Check out @PoorMarty New Portrait LookBook “People Watching: Union Square”


PoorMarty is the photographer and streetwear blogger that has worked alongside us on many previous projects. As a contributor to the PoorHouse Magazine and website, PoorMarty is creating a great name for himself in art and fashion alike. We have been tracking PoorMarty’s works for a while and have grown a great appreciation for his most recent project “People Watching: Union Square“. This is a segment in which Marty travels and admires the local people of his chosen location. This trending and attention grasping  concept is giving life to art photography for youthful individuals like PoorMarty. Delivering his uniquely edited photos, Marty captures Union Square gazers and social participants in their natural habitat. New York is one coty that is always photogenic and Marty properly portrays it’s never-ending beauty.



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