Art| Gallery All Presents The Intense Theme of ‘The Intersection of Art and Design’

Shanghai’s Gallery All takes on the age old battle between Art and Design with their latest collection for show dubbed ‘First Of All‘ . Curated by Violet Wang, “First of All” gathers together a renown clique of artists, designers and art collectives, who ponder on the potential found in intersecting themes.

“The creations in this exhibition imply a fresh artistic experience at a time when the visual has generally become people’s primary reality,”

– Violet Wang stated.

Member’s of the list of celebrated figures included, James Jean who presents a gleaming sculpture titled Descendent. The sculpture measured in at10-feet tall, the Taiwanese-American artist depicts an upside-down child cast in mirror-polished stainless steel. Jean maintains his mantra with this piece, being the process of artmaking can be equated to floating in between the worlds of fantasy and reality.

This show also includes amazing talents like Chulan Kwak, Daishi Luo, Hua Wang, and many others. The exhibition will be on view at Gallery All until March 6, 2022.

Gallery ALL
66 Yuyao Road,
Shanghai, China1

Music| @Netflix Offers Official Trailer For @Kanyewest New Documentary ‘JEEN-YUHS’

The recently 2022 Sundance Film Festival premiered documentary ‘JEEN-YUHS’ is a three-part docu-series that walks us through the journey of becoming Kanye West, which is set to showcase on Netflix in February.

Netflix just revealed the trilogy’s latest official trailer showcasing some vintage clips of the creative icon-in-the-making, in his beginning years. The trailer starts off with a video from 2002 where the one that now goes by Ye is hanging out with hip hop artist Rhymefest in New York, the latter of which questions why West should deem himself a genius. Within the one minute clip, we also get a glimpse at old bits of the DONDA artist in the studio with Pharrell and Jay-Z, a small snippet of him recovering from his life-changing 2002 car accident, performances on stage, his iconic moment with Kid Cudi at the Yeezy Season 3/The Life of Pablo listening party and more.

“It was like God saying “I’m about to hand you the world, just know at any given time I could take it away from you”, West states towards the latter half of the video, likely referring to the humility and gratitude that he received following the aforementioned car crash.

Be on the lookout for JEEN-YUHS to release exclusively on Netflix come February 16.

Enjoy the full trailer of ‘JEEN-YUHS’ Docu-series About Kanye West Above!

Art| @TristanEaton Gears Up G.E.M.M.A NFT Launch

Hailing from Socal is a artist who has become a buzz-worthy in the growing NFT space and is preparing an exciting NFT project. Gearing up for his January 12th launch is hypnotic art designer Tristan Eaton. Eaton is presenting a series of works dubbed G.E.M.M.A, which follows up his recent NFT release called EMMA.

G.E.M.M.A (which stands for Generative Electronic Museum of Metaverse Art) is a mix of Eaton’s photorealistic art with collaborative software designing a interactive series of his past works. On the 12th, followers will have a chance at the 5,000 piece collection priced at 0.1 ETH. To accommodate this release, Eaton has added the fashionable and intriguing fake cereal boxes and brilliantly decided to mesh the real world with the metaverse by placing these custom boxes in five major city grocery stores.

In a statement, Eaton noted:

“For every painting I make, I normally start with the simple portrait. I then assemble a giant pile of visuals into layered, storytelling collages. From this stage, the painting can go in a million different directions. In real life, I will only see one of these many possibilities realized into a final work of art. The result is the equivalent of a painted puzzle, with each image, color and collage element doing it’s work to create a unique, one of a kind composition. With G.E.M.M.A., I can now see what happens when those thousands of other possibilities are realized. It’s like witnessing a multiverse for paintings. This project will live on for a long time with many surprises and bonuses for those who join the Generative Electronic Museum of Metaverse Art!”

Check out the link here to inquire more.

Enjoy More Views Of The G.E.M.M.A NFT Series by Tristan Eaton Below!

Design| @Gucci Unveils Their New Double G Color Pencil Roll

Renown luxury brand Gucci offers a more subtle accessory to their extensive collection of amazing goods and outlandish prices. Expanding the brands stationery line Gucci introduces their Gucci Coloring Pencil Case Roll which provides 40 colors and a price tag of $735 USD.

For all starving artist, there are much more humble beginnings but for that jet-setting artist that is well known, the addition of the the lavish Pencil Roll is spot on. The roll features a gold-tone hardware, a button closure, trim made from the animal-free material Demetra, a green and red stripe strap, and a Double G monogram exterior. The Italian made Pencil Roll is a great additive to any of their designer back packs or duffel bags and is available online.

Take A Closer Look The $735 USD Gucci Color Pencil Roll Below!

Design| @ArketOfficial Offers Up A Cozy FW21 Collection

Multi-faceted minimalist brand Arket reigns from Stolkholm and has become renowned for their beautifully austere designs in fashion and home décor. Showing proof of their creative capabilities for interior design, Arket presents their Fall/Winter 2021 collection of cozy at home pieces.

According to Arket, this collection can be described as “beautifully crafted decor items,” adding in “the simplicity of form pairs with carefully chosen materials and skilled craftsmanship. Soft blankets and rugs help cozy up for the season, glass vases showcase fresh twigs and flowers, and the easy-to-match tableware makes each meal an occasion to celebrate.”

The FW21 collection features necessities such as cutlery that is traditional yet contemporary at the same time, coming as a result of the original design that’s reworked in clean and simple colors. Additionally, fruit baskets, sculpted bowls, wine glasses, plates, napkins, and other oddities also frequent the collection. This all can now be purchased online or in-stores now.

Take A Closer Look At Arket’s FW21 Homeware Series Below!

Art| @ArtBasel 2021 Gathers An Amazing Lineup At @PaceGallery

The renowned art festival known as Art Basel continues their world tour for 2021 with their next stop underway. Visitors will get a chance to embrace pieces from heavy hitters, from Pablo Picasso and Ellsworth Kelly, to Alexander Calder and Latifa Echakhch. We detail some of the highlighted designs below.

 Located at Pace Gallery, viewers will catch Jeff Koons‘ Gazing Ball (Veronese The Wedding at Cana), 2015–2021, a painting that continues on the artist’s “Gazing Ball” series, which pays respects to the legends of art history. In this painting, Koons has referenced Paolo Veronese‘s 16th Century masterpiece, The Wedding at Cana (1562–1563).

The original is housed in Paris’ Louvre museum and recounts the biblical tale of how Christ miraculously turned water into wine. As the central figure in the painting, Christ looks directly at the viewer — unphased by the opulence and bustle that surrounds him. Koons adds a distinct point of emphasis to Christ’s already central position, by adding an electric blue orb that reflects both the colors of the painting, along with that of the viewer themselves — leading to a dynamic interplay that allows one to participate within the dialogue of past and present. -HB

Visiting Pace’s collection from artist such as  Robert Longo, Loie Hollowell and Yoshitomo Nara. A full artist-list for Art Basel 2021 @ Pace Gallery can be seen here. Art Basel 2021 is now on view online and in-person.

Take A Look At A Few Pieces From Art Basel 2021 Below!

Music| @IllZeeWill Recruits His Team In New Video “RECOUP”

Zee Will, hailing from Fresno, California, is renowned in his hometown for being an energetic performer, a witty wordsmith and a supporter of his community and friends. Maintaining this persona, Zee Will decides to recruit friends and family for his new music video “Recoup”.

“Recoup” has been hoisted as the leading record from Zee Will’s debut album ‘DAYS INN’, which released summer of 2020. The Daniel Ramos directed and edited musical motion picture is a crisp monochromatic visual showcasing the team that supports Zee Will. This high energy record receives an advanced approach to the modern performance video. Grasping edits extends viewers interest to the gloomy yet enticing background chosen from landmarks around Fresno.  

The group support was highlighted in a series of BTS images put together by Zee Will’s best friend and visual director Daniel. Behind the scenes we catch the support group emerge and participate in performing the this up-tempo visual. Zee recruits his brother, Kasino Kam, who also plays as producer for many of his records on the EP. In addition is Zee’s best friend Crash, who is featured on the EP. A fellow friend and artist Brain Cade also gets a cameo in the video. All around Zee is family support and talent that helps him generate quality music. “Recoup” is a dedication to that exact support with bars like “Look at the crew, Poppin we making the news, Spending that money, recoup, Look at the way that we move”.

Thanks to the crew, enjoy some Behind The Scenes views below!

Watch The New Video “Recoup” Above & Stream “DAYS INN” Below!

Music| @BiancaImanMusic Unveils Her Angelic Single “EXODUS” & Lyric Video

With her vocals set on ‘angelic’ and wordplay geared towards ‘enticing’, Bianca Iman delivers a fantastic new single for her awaiting fan-base. The New Jersey songstress is gearing up for the next chapter in her music career and developing a defined sound, which can be identified in “EXODUS”. Sonic-ally satisfying, EXODUS is a calm declaration of frustration in a situation that is leaving Bianca drained. Lost in her love for the many positive traits from her lover, Bianca goes on to detail how she has consistently put forth an effort that is not reciprocated. 

The revelation signified in EXODUS by Bianca is one of being under-appreciated while steadily serving up true love. The Waresdanny production is palatable to the properly placed witty-wordplay from Bianca. Her writing for this song is one example of her lyrical growth and overall development as a true crooner and R&B sensation. This record is enticing from start to finish, filled with charisma, passion and poise. Bianca vocally performs like a veteran in this music industry knowing when to reach and when to resolve her cadence.

Adding to her release build-up, Bianca has also accompanied this single release with a lyric video. Cleverly playing off the biblical theme of the Exodus story of Moses and the Egyptians, a cartoon version of Bianca Iman can be seen in the midst of the parted ocean waters. Symbolic to the tyranny of those ancient times, Bianca’s character is yearning to be set free.

Enjoy Bianca Iman’s New Lyric Visual For “EXODUS” Above & Stream The Single Below!

Art| ROA Offers New "Annihilation" Exhibit Showcasing Endangered Australian Animals

roa annihilation exhibition backwoods gallery artworks paintings

Belgium-based muralist and painter ROA is offering an extravagant exhibit at the Backwoods Gallery in Australia dubbed “Annihilation”. The multi-medium artist portrays a series of endangered animals that reside in Australia like the bilby, honey possum, numbat, tree kangaroo, and wombat. The goal set behind these pieces for ROA are to bring awareness to the near extinct species & wild life habitats due to human activity.

Per a gallery statement via ROA,

Annihilation is ROA challenging us to contemplate our current climate discourse and quietly focus on, observe, and investigate nature. An invitation to reconnect to nature, to empathize, and as the dominant species recognize that the choice is ours alone to ensure all of nature’s survival, not just our own,

Included in the ‘Annihilation’ project, ROA also painted a sprawling wall mural on the gallery’s facade showing his realist take on a honey possum. The larger then life-sized mural is just another example of his skill-set and focus on change. To learn more about the gallery showing visit  Backwoods Gallery’s website. The gallery is only allowing private previews by appointment only due to the coronavirus outbreak. The show is slated to run until April 5.

Backwoods Gallery
5/25 Easey Street
Collingwood, 3066

To Get A Full Look At ROA’s ‘Annihilation’ Exhibit Below!

roa annihilation exhibition backwoods gallery artworks paintings
roa annihilation exhibition backwoods gallery artworks paintingsroa annihilation exhibition backwoods gallery artworks paintingsroa annihilation exhibition backwoods gallery artworks paintingsroa annihilation exhibition backwoods gallery artworks paintingsroa annihilation exhibition backwoods gallery artworks paintingsroa annihilation exhibition backwoods gallery artworks paintingsroa annihilation exhibition backwoods gallery artworks paintingsroa annihilation exhibition backwoods gallery artworks paintingsroa annihilation exhibition backwoods gallery artworks paintingsroa annihilation exhibition backwoods gallery artworks paintings

Art| Spiff Ellis' Coloring Book "Fill In The Lines" Speaks On Mental Health & More

New Jersey based graphic artist Spiff Ellis has taken his digital design skills from the computer and placed his more coveted designs into a coloring book for all to enjoy and practice with. The illustrious illustrator has made himself a prominent designer as he has worked projects for Complex Magazine, Nike and many other major named His latest work is his prized coloring book dubbed “Fill In The Lines” with illustrations focused on Mental Health.

Fill In The Lines is 15 unique characters that have pinpointed many signs and symptoms of Mental Health and real-life scenarios we may experience. Spiff is gifted in crafting conscious characters that relate to trending topics of today and this coloring book is his way of getting a serious message across in a fun and healthy way.

Spiff Ellis host his renown #MarkerMondays weekly showcasing a new character and his process of design. Visit his website to get your hands on his limited edition coloring book ‘Fill In The Lines’ Now.

Enjoy More Looks From Spiff Ellis’ “Fill In The Lines” Coloring Book Below!