Fashion| Made In Paradise Spring/Summer 2015 “Junk In The Trunk” LookBook


• Friendship and Fashion meshed incredibly well for designers Maurice Maghnagi and Vishal Sani, owners of Street/Urban Swimwear brand Made In Paradise from Hong Kong. The duo noticed a void in marking style & sensibility to the youth, so these two patched the whole in societies fashion sense. Aiming to craft something groundbreaking, they undraped the world’s first urban-inspired swim wear brand.

Gaining the necessary experience to run a company, Maghnagi & Sani reach into their childhood memory banks to deliver their first collection which was deeply rooted in 90’s street culture. Changing gears, for 2015 the tag-team decides to rely on your favorite dingy dim sum diner to the late night kebab shack for their “Junk In The Trunk” collection. Featuring t-shirts, shorts, crop-tops, skully’s and more, this collection is curated uniquely telling a story of a specific place, time, emotion or memory. The Lookbook details a collection for both men and women as it flaunts the latest designs in the grittiest of ways. Accompanying owners Maghnagi & Sani are a group of gorgeous female models indulging in the Made In Paradise fantasy world.

Collection Is Now available at the retail site.


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