Music| @SaintAlexvnder Delivers A Futuristic-Nostalgia Project w/ ‘LA 2049’ EP

Saint Alexvnder returns from his debut project ‘Continuum’ in 2019 which showcased his ability to craft cinematic soundtracks to present a themed release. Channeling his appreciation for the 70’s disco nightlife and his cunning ability to alter new age sounds, Saint delivers LA 2049. Detailing the location of Los Angeles during the golden era, Saint rallies the energy of the party scene into a cohesive project designed to make you dance. This alt-pop synthwave project fits your idea of any high-energy action packed retro film while guiding listeners into the future. 

LA 2049 is the lead single and name of the EP from producer Saint Alexvnder. The Movie Theme music style of the record is continued throughout the entire EP. Think of Miami Vice meets Player Ready One and that is what the aesthetic of this record is formed from. Following the EP titled single is NightFall which is a second of more calm retrowave music adorned in simple synth keys and soft bass drum patterns. Up next is a more dance-infused record dubbed ‘Line On The Floor’, that delivers an adrenaline induced tempo with classic synth guitar licks and piano riffs. This instrumental projects offer very little vocals but there is break in ‘Lines On The Floor’ is sampled throughout the final track ‘Double Vision’. The finale of this project, Double Vision, is a full celebration of both the sound and style of the EP. The experience is full circle and influential.  

Enjoy The New EP ‘LA 2049’ By Saint Alexvnder Below!

Design| @Honda Sports EV Concept Shows Potential For Our Future

• Honda recently played with forming paradigm changing technology EV Concepts for futuristic cars with a retro model style. This sampling turned into Honda’s latest showcase choice in the Honda Sports EV Concept which is a full electric car molded after an old school model. Cues from the 70’s sports car era & new millennium technology help Honda touch on new lines in innovation.

Installed is Honda’s Automated Network Assistant, which handles navigation and a feature called “emotion engine” that gauges the feelings that influence your driving decisions in an effort to “unite the driver and car.” Honda puts the new technology & design to the test in the short visual above. Little to no word yet on whether this will go into production or not, but we will keep you updated.

…. More Views Of Honda’s Sports EV Concept Below, ENJOY ….