Design| @Honda Sports EV Concept Shows Potential For Our Future

• Honda recently played with forming paradigm changing technology EV Concepts for futuristic cars with a retro model style. This sampling turned into Honda’s latest showcase choice in the Honda Sports EV Concept which is a full electric car molded after an old school model. Cues from the 70’s sports car era & new millennium technology help Honda touch on new lines in innovation.

Installed is Honda’s Automated Network Assistant, which handles navigation and a feature called “emotion engine” that gauges the feelings that influence your driving decisions in an effort to “unite the driver and car.” Honda puts the new technology & design to the test in the short visual above. Little to no word yet on whether this will go into production or not, but we will keep you updated.

…. More Views Of Honda’s Sports EV Concept Below, ENJOY ….



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  1. jkaybay says:

    I wonder how the emotion engine works? How can it gauge your feelings? From how hard your slam the door? 😛

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