Art Event GOODGARBS Series

Art | Pavement Licker No9


• ALL Artist, Sketchers, Poets, Writers, Photographers, Graffiti Artist, Painters, Doodlers, Candid Camera Carriers, Instagram Artist, Tagline Columnist, …. Who did I forget? Anyone with anything to express you have til Feb 1st to get these passionate proclamations out to GoodGarbs newest friends Pavement Licker !

• Pavement Licker’s History dates back to 2003, in a small London pub where artist James-Lee Duffy got friend and writer Josh Jones involved in his idea to create a platform for artists and writers to be published without pushing any particular agenda or policy.

Focused on promoting the work of new creatives, Pavement Licker has featured work from established and famous artists such as Banksy, Jamie Hewlett, Inkie, Kelsey Brookes, David Shrigley, Shepard Fairey, Anthony Micallef and EINE, as well as work from Andrew Rae, Matthew Green, Dan Hillier, Margot Bowman and Kate Moross. It has appeared in Mod Art, The Wooster Collective, It’s Nice That, Stack Magazines and Sunday Times Style & Now GoodGarbs.

• Again Feb 1st 2014, Is the last day of submissions to get your visual & written expressions to appear in Pavement Licker No.9. Send all submissions to … Let’s Create!






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