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Fashion|Stussy Spring 2014 Headwear

 Stussy Spring 2014 Headwear

~ Luckily the talented photographers at Wish in Atlanta created this in depth look at some of the latest headwear from the Stussy Tribe. The feature includes six styles of 5-panel camp hats as well as some traditional snapbacks to help us get familiar with the brand’s seasonal offerings. The material choices are clutch, as always, and include nylon, printed fabrics and some wool to suit everyone’s needs. Some of the prints include a flags design we’ve seen multiple brands utilize this season as well as a paisley print in striking colors. The floral fad hasn’t died yet either with Stussy offering up a tropical take on the 5-panel. Camo also makes an appearance on a snapback while Stussy goes Tour De France mode with some nylon camp hats built for speed. If you like what you see, you can grab these hats online via the Stussy online store or the Wish online shop right now.

stussy spring headwear ahoodie 2 660x439 Stussy Spring 2014 Headwear

 Stussy Spring 2014 Headwear

 Stussy Spring 2014 Headwear

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