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Music|Listen To “I Won” by Future feat. Kanye West

• Future and Kanye West have more in common these days then ever before. Both are experiencing being a father, or at least soon to be. Both have celebrity women at their sides that are definitely “Trophy Wives”. So its only right these two Hip-Hop singer/rappers join forces on a musical tribute to their respective soon-to-be wives. Future takes a turn from his previous release, the drug pushing anthem “Move That Dope.” Production from Metro Boomin gives Future the beats to express his love for his wifey, his one and only trophy. And Kanye cuts in to assert himself over his fiance’s previous lovers with the line, “I made it over NBA and NFL players, so every time I score it’s like the Super Bowl.” Future’s upcoming album Honest is due out on April 22. Much anticipation surrounds this upcoming release so get your copy. Listen below!


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