Travel & Skateboarding|Visualtraveling – A Skateboard Roadtrip Through Iran, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Turkey

• Venturing away from the safe lands where skateboarding is accepted, filmmaker Patrik Wallner decides to take a handful of renown skateboarders on a roadtrip to less accepting turfs. Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Iran were the places that accepted the teams visas, soooo that’s where they went. Iran, which is the least willing to indulge in the Western sport gave a few members a hard time, but these enduring skate lords made the best of a trip that few will ever get to partake in. The film shows boarders like  Laurence Keefe, Michael Mackrodt, Kenny Reed and many more board a plane heading to Teheran for the latest installment of ‘Visualtraveling – The Persian Version.’ With plenty of untouched territory, these titans show off their skills and explore like the tourist they are. Enjoy the video and the experience of watching some of the first skaters to touch these places.


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