LifeStyle & Sports|LA Clippers Racial Situation & Actions That Followed

• I’m not sure if you are a diehard NBA fan or a casual viewer but it has been very hard to miss the latest news with the Los Angles Clippers and their owner Donald Sterling. Just to bring you up to date, the LA Clippers owner, Sterling,  was recorded allegedly making racist remarks about his distaste for minorities. This was done over a heated conversation with his girlfriend, not wife but girlfriend, about who she can bring to the games. This recording was released by TMZ this past weekend and once released many speculated what actions would be taken, and we still are. The players of the LA Clippers took this personally, as many can understand, and choose to make a statement themselves. Using Fashion as their protest, the players wore their warm-up outfits inside out to not show the teams name as they started Game 4 against Golden State. Around the league, other teams like the Houston Rockets donned black wristbands as another fashion statement to allude to players insistence that Sterling be handed the harshest possible punishment by newly minted Commissioner Adam Silver.

This All raises a new level of questioning on what level do the players control when it comes to organized sports franchise? If they don’t play we don’t have a sport to watch, which would seem as though they hold some power in this system.

If You Were In The LA Clippers’ Players Position What Would You Do?

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