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Lifestyle & Music| New Live Strem Radio Show ‘#UntitledRadio’

• GoodGarbs is always looking for new talent, music, and entertainment, which we recently stumbled upon while using our TuneIn Radio App. A collection of talented and well known socialites from New Jersey caught our attention immediately. On The NonFiction Radio this pastMonday we ran into a show called #UntitledRadio. The show had great music, great vibes and touched on alot of big topics today. Some of our favorite topics touched on the recent banning of Clippers owner Donald Sterling to topics like which race do you prefer to date. The hosts of the show included a crowd controlling tone of a dj by the name DarkKent, a jazzy and sweet style of a Ms.Babydoll, the loud leading voice of a Tony RoyalFam, and the pun punching jokester Mr.HoodStar. The four are all premier faces of the social scene in North and Central Jersey and can be heard every Monday 6-8pm. To Tune In and Laugh with Me Visit Their Site.

Follow Them!

Twitter: @DJDarkKent, @babyDOLLEDup, @mrhoodstar, @MrTonyRoyalFam

⇐ To Visit Their Site Check Out Their Ad On The Left Side Of The Page.  


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