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•Above is the V7 edition from Men’s Luxury and Lifestyle service brand Svbscription. Presentation alone intrigues your sense of curiosity and raises the question “What Is This & Who is Svbscription?”. Great Questions that GoodGarbs (Thanks to our friend Kate Williams) is happy to answer. The best way to describe Svbscription is a luxury guideline for a gentlemen’s lifestyle that is geared to prepare today’s man for any occassion.

Svbscription is a luxury lifestyle service for men. The service connects members to unique and exclusive products and experiences from around the world. Every three months, members receive a parcel in the mail containing products and experiences that are curated around a specific theme. Svbscription is a channel for receiving quality, hand picked items that are timeless and rare. As a brand, Svbscription takes members on a journey, enriching their lives and exposing them to objects and experiences that are coveted and timeless. -Svbscription

This elite league of collecting began May of 2012, making it an infant in terms of lifespan but has displayed an indisputable level of maturity with the series of curated parcels that members have recieved. These members are individuals from all corners of the globe who share the same passion for elusive articles and products.

Svbscribers from the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Netherlands and Dubai have received parcels containing objects and experiences that intersect design, culture, fashion and technology. Attention to detail and exclusivity are built into the experience. Svbscription has produced four limited edition parcels, with the aim of cultivating a community of consumers interested in highquality aesthetics and design.

Svbscription works with a range of brands to curate and deliver elusive and rare items. Each parcel consist of items related to a relavent theme and includes four to six items that are carefully selected in the categories of apperal, fashion, beauty and design. Currently, Svbscription is on Volume 9 that has been recently released. The theme associated with this volume is ‘Destination’. Here is the list of past parcels and the items included.

V1: Travel Edition

– Travel set by Malin and Goetz
– Passport wallet by WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie
– The Travel Almanac
– Underwear by Special Delivery
– Voucher by Mr and Mrs Smith
– Beach blanket by Steve Alan

V2: Study Edition

– Lim­ited Edi­tion Folio by Loden Dager
– Engraved travel fra­grance set by Le Labo, a
Foun­tain Pen by Kaweco
– Nicola Barker’s lat­est novel, The Yips.

V3: Leisure Edition

Balancing blocks by Fort Standard
– Pin by Henson
– Kinfolk Magazine
– Victory Magazine
Grass Kimono by The White Briefs

V4: The Collector’s Edition

– Collector bag by La Portegna
Magnifying Glass by Field
Love Lost (first edition) by Paul Barbera
– Pewter Dish by Kathryn Hinton
– Music subscription by

V5:Home by The Selby

Arrow keychain by Parabellum
Tobacco candle by Coqui Coqui
– Money box by Everyday Needs / Martino Gamper
– Chocolate bar by Mast Brothers
– Recipe cards by The Selby and friends
– Stickers by The Selby

V6: The Unexpected

– Square by Clean Bottle
– Candle by TÊTE À TÊTE
– Checkers by Summer Shop
– Card multi tool by Sinclair Smith & Co
– Leather card case by Sinclair Smith & Co
– Universal hatchet by Sinclair Smith & Co
– Towel by Yoshi

V7: The Maker

– Sculpture by James Corner Field Operations
– Leather writing mat by MakerBot
– Salt and recipe book by Lior Lev Sercarz
– Pencil by Kaweco

V8: Classics

– Whiskey glasses by Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert
– Marble coasters by Daniel Emma
– The Paris Review
– Scarf by Paul Marlow

To Get Access To The V9 Visit The Site Now!


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