ART|Watch The Trailer for POW! WOW! Taiwan 2014


• Jasper Wong and a list of creative minds that help breathe life into the annual festival known as POW! WOW! have decided to release a trailer for this years festival held in Taiwan. Last we covered on POW! WOW!, they were hosting the event in the paradise of Hawaii but now the Art filled event travels to the other side of the glode and stops in Taiwan. Taking over the city of Taipei, POW! WOW! will be touring around several of the city’s popular destinations, including the Taipei Zoo, Treasure Hill, Zhongshan Metropolitan Mall, and Songshan Cultural Park. Artists on the roster include Aaron De La Cruz, INSA, James Jean, and Brendan Monroe, as well as up-and-coming local talent like HANIBOI, Reach, and Colasa. To learn more about this month’s upcoming festivities be sure to head over to POW! WOW!’s official website.

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