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Fashion|Shanghai Tang’s 20th Anniversary Eyewear Collection

Shanghai Tang Limited Edition Glasses - Product Range

• With Greetings from Hong Kong, back for their 20th Anniversary is luxury lifestyle brand Shanghai Tang with an all new eyewear collection. To celebrate 20 years of fine design and creative detailing, Shanghai Tang presents a collection of unique and exceptional line of sunglasses inspired by the classic Chinese round frames. The design is set to give the authentic Chinese round design a nice edgy twist by incorporating a strong eyebrow shape and mirror lenses. The eyewear series comes in five vivacious colorways for both frames and lenses. This mix and match capability leaves much room for both men and women to establish their sense of style and personality. This collection is a collaboration between Shanghai Tang and renown Australian label AM Eyewear, who has a reputation for its original and amazing handcrafted eyewear from design to production. Living up to their Luxury Lifestyling, these two brands have created a accessory masterpiece that compliments any outfit or setting and continues to contribute to the new era of Chinese chic. Visit the online store to grab your piece of Chinese chic.

Shanghai Tang Limited Edition Glasses - Clear Mirrortortoise-shell-mirror-puyi-sunglasses-brown-4D104K200AS.htmlnavy-puyi-sunglasses-navy-4D105K200CW.htmltortoise-shell-mirror-puyi-sunglasses-brown-4D104K200AS.htmlblack-puyi-sunglasses-black-4D101K200AN.htmlburgundy-puyi-sunglasses-burgundy-4D106K200AU.htmlblack-puyi-sunglasses-black-4D101K200AN.html


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