Event|GoodGarbs & VilliansUnite Presents “JUSTaRT” PopShop Tour


• This Memorial Weekend GoodGarbs collaborated with Marketing brand VillainsUnite© to present a uniquely designed event for all art loves in a display of Fashion, Music and Canvased Art. Our Team at GoodGarbs gathered with Marketing Engineer Idris Pitts, and encouraged the talents of one talented fashion designer, two canvas artist and one of New Jersey’s top Disc Jockeys to allow the public to enjoy, support and “vibe-out” with them. Here is The Re-Cap.

Chris of CooluxStylinJUSTaRT 2

Clothing brand CooLuxStylin owner Chris, showcased his latest collection that featured pieces from his spring/fall collection. CooLuxStylin is a Luxury Lifestyle brand that uses today’s trends and enhances the quality, look and styling of these items. Chris is much more then just the face of the brand, but also the stylist and couturier. His creative eye for designs tends to end with amazing collection of fabric combinations and colorways. A few of his pieces included, Zipped Sleeveless Vest, Luxury Summer Cotton-poly blended shorts (in multiple colorways),Red Croc/Black Perforated Leather Sewatpants,  Luxury Ploka Dot Button Ups, and A Luxury “Camo Quilted” Leather Backpack with a Silk interior. CooLuxStylin came from Queens, New York and embraced the New Jersey crowd. Much More To Come from This Amazing Brand.

Camo Quilted


One Half of our Art Talent came from a young artist known as ART-IS-Key, who dedicates his works to the Greek Life that surrounds every College Campus. Using stencil work to illustrate the very popular Fraternaties and Sororities that many know so well. Taking his works to another level the young artist has begun to add his works to clothing for a more personal feel and accessablitiy. Being from Jersey the young artist attracted a college related crowd who showed a surmount level of support.



The final artist is one we have presented recently on GoodGarbs by the name Zaedough (Isaiah J Tate). The Detroit raised but New Jersey based artist delivered an amazing visual collection for the visitors of #JUSTaRT to admire and purchase. Zaedough who has become renown through out the Tri-State area and now globally, was able to showcase a few of his most recent pieces. A few previously seen pieces included his infamous “Funky Mars” piece but this time around he previewed a few more new pieces like “#25 2 Life”, “Playing w/ my Money Is Like Playing w/ My Emotions”, the “Minnie” collection and more. Safe to say Zaedough‘s collection was desired because the artist left the event and his collection stayed behind. The WHOLE collection was bought by owner of the venue TakeOver. AMAZING TURN OUT.


Music was provided by DJ DarkKent who has made a name for himself all over the Tri-State with his consistency on delivering the newest releases, but always providing some musical history with relinquishing his old school collection. Of course it would not be a night in New Jersey if there was an absence of New Jersey Club music, which Dark Kent tried to hold back on til around 8 PM. Next thing you see is the entire venue bopping the way Jersey kids do and seconds from a Wu-Tang Battle (its a dance style, Don’t Ask). All in All the event was a complete success with viewers from the street and invited guest visiting from 5-10PM. The Owners of TakeOver supplied hor d’oeuvres and a plush fashion based venue. With new art aquired the venue has recieved an artist face lift. Now enjoy the remaining photos of our event and GoodGarbs will be keeping you posted on future events.

P.S Huge Shout Out To Our Featuring GoodGarbs Photographer ‘Maya’ Portorreal.











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