Fashion|Drapeau Noir Fall/Winter 2014 LookBook


•Presenting it’s self for the first time on GoodGarbs, emerges French label Drapeau Noir whom premieres its inaugural 2014 fall/winter collection lookbook. The name translates to “Black Flag,” Drapeau Noir’s forthcoming range looks to be ideal for any decent man attempting to curate a versatile, yet comfortably casual wardrobe. This collection consist of Oxford shirts with great detailed patterns, T-shirts, Crew necked sweaters,  and More.

We have presented previously quite young and boyish look books, so I show you today very much like something for real men. or at least for men, who have hit puberty. With us the summer has just started (yeah, I disappear instantly into the swimming pool), the ladies and gentlemen of the French menswear brand Drapeau Noir’ll pay attention to the fall / winter look 2014. Drapeau Noir incidentally means black flag.  A beautiful, aesthetic and sovereign lookbook for men is presented, but they are like well dressed and not too many thought this would make for a great look. Talking about the cut and the material builds for it’s very own language.



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