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Lifestyle|The Green Soccer Journal Limited Edition by Svbscription

•Today a friend of ours has partaken in the fanatics that is FIFA World Cup 2014. Few sports keep fans as fiercely passionate as those that follow soccer. The intense sports spirits that surround Soccer globally lets us at GoodGarbs know that no sport holds more dramitic and involved fans as Soccer does. With this excitement in mind, luxury subscription brand Svbscription has teamed up with The Green Soccer Journal—the London-based independent style publication exploring the world of football—for a limited edition parcel to tag along this worldwide soccer festival. The parcel includes some of the best brands from around the world and is designed to help you enjoy the game and beyond. Partners include The Green Soccer Journal, Malle, Le Labo, Haerfest, Acme and (MALIN+GOETZ).

Now trending is fusing luxury with sport, and is one that The Green Soccer Journal is well aware of in their blending of fashion, sport and lifestyle—all with a distinctive British feel. With respect to Sportsmanship The green Soccer Journal choses the mature path of not delivering tabloid gossip but rather look for deeper stories with the most respected talent in the game. The players they work with are also A-list celebrities, some of whom transcend the sport. Rather than getting them to do staged headers, they strive for something far more artistic, creating images that stand the test of time.
Svbscription is proud to present this parcel in collaboration with The Green Soccer Journal, limited to only 30 editions. Shipping NOW.

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