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Fashion & Lifestyle|Ringly – New Fashion Accessory Meets Phone Technology


• This morning our team at GoodGarbs stumbled upon a piece of Fashionable Technological Jewelry that we believe will be worn by women everywhere. Glad to introduce New York based Smart Jewelry brand RINGLY! Ladies this one is just for all of you fashion addicts who love a great accessory but also who hates missing a call or text. In a society based on technology, Ringly merges a stylish ring design and a comprehensive technology that alerts women when their is any alerts happening via phone. The ring is compatable with an app that is downloaded and set to certain alerts that when set off sends notification to the ring and a subtle viration and color change informs them that either some one has called or texted, tweeted or even emailed.  Here’s a littel history on Ringly.

About Ringly:

Ringly is a New York City-based company composed of designers and engineers dedicated to blending fashion and technology in meaningful ways. They’ve built a new line of smart jewelry and accessories that notify the wearer of important calls or messages through vibration and subtle light. Ringly’s core belief is that technology can be more discreetly integrated into our lives. Set against the backdrop of a multitude of tech accessories, Ringly places fashion and simplicity first. -Ringly

Being one of the leading innovators to present a fashionable accessory brand that is synced to your phone is a huge responsibility. Ringly has developed the perfect formula to keep you connected in style. Here Are a few ways they do just this.

“Stay Connected In Style” 

· Connect: The Ringly mobile app, which will support iOS and Android, pairs with your ring via Bluetooth LE to ping you when you’re getting a text, call, calendar alert, email, or even notifies you if you leave your phone behind. You can also add notifications from your favorite apps, including:Instagram,Snapchat,Twitter,Pinterest,Facebook,Tumblr, Vine, LinkedIn,Uber, Tinder and Poshmark.

· Customize: You control how you want to be notified so you can stay connected to what’s important to you. Choose from different vibration patterns and subtle light colors to customize the alert for each type of notification.


·Accessorize: Ringly is crafted with 18K gold plating and semi-precious stones. Launching with black onyx, rainbow moonstone, pink sapphire, and emerald options, you’ll forget it does anything other than dress up your favorite outfits.

· Charge: You can even power your Ringly in style; its ring box is the charger. When you’re running low on battery, simply drop your ring back in its box to charge. Your Ringly will last around three days on one full charge.


Our goal is to create products that are both stylish and useful, that women will be proud to wear,” says Ringly co-founder and CEO Christina Mercando. “We believe that the future of wearables is in building discreet technology that integrates seamlessly into your life and makes your day-to-day easier. The more I use my Ringly, the more it’s like a personal assistant telling me what to do -- plus there’s something so fun about having my jewelry talk to me!”

By connecting to your smartphone, Ringly is turning missed notifications into a thing of the past with a beautiful line of smart rings that let you set customized alerts for incoming calls, texts, emails, calendar and app notifications. The rings are available in three sizes: 6, 7, and 8, and four different options of semi-precious stones: black onyx, rainbow moonstone, pink sapphire and emerald.


Visit Ringly Now To Pre-Order You Ring Today!


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