Fashion & Event|Pitti Uomo 86 Street Style -Part 1

• So most of you fashion addicts are familiar to the name “Pitti Uomo”, which has been deemed the Key International Trade Event showcase of men’s fashion and contemporary lifestyle trends. Being one of the largest fashion attractions, designers, tailors, retailers and tastemakers from around the world visit Capitals all over Europe year to year to keep fresh of what is the new in fashion. This year Florence anchored this yearly festival from June 17 to June 20th. We at GoodGarbs enjoy the indoor activities and showcases, but the truest attraction is the Street Style provided by the attendees of this festival. For our first look into Pitti Uomo, we want to cover the looks of all the stylish people and how they make up the festival


Short coats and slimmer ties

Describing Pitti Uomo

Almost 1000 booths visited. Photographers. Bloggers. Peacocks. Amazing exhibitors. Outstanding craftsmanship. Innovation. Inspirational individuals. Rooftop parties. Unexpected dancing. More photographers. More peacocks. Sensory Overload.

Pitti in Numbers
Pitti Uomo 85 saw 30 000 visitors, 21 000 of which were buyers. Pitti’s CEO Raffaello Napoleone even organised a private jet to fly key buyers and journalists straight from the LCM Burberry show to Florence .Increasing global interest in smaller artisanal labels paints a promising picture for the future.

Pitti Uomo 85 Streetstyle Karl-Edwin Guerre GuerreismsPitti Uomo 85 Streetstyle

Accessories are King: Mirrored Shades & Blanket Scarves
Mirrored sunglasses were everywhere, bringing a little Après-ski nonchalance to classical tailoring. Blanket sized scarves wrapped around the shoulders in just the right way also provided a great stage prop for those GQ candids.

If you are dressing to impress the Pitti Crew, disregard your usual minimalist style mantras. As long as it doesn’t impair your mobility, hearing or vision, there is always room for one more accessory.

Pitti Uomo 85 Streetstyle Atte RytkönenPitti Uomo 85 Streetstyle Doublemonk ShoesPitti Uomo 85 Streetstyle Nick Schaerf of Double Monk

Stats and Tips to boost your Streetstyle Credentials
One successful Pitti day could secure you instant streetstyle stardom on and the top Instagram accounts. If that is what you are after, our team of scientists have come up with the following #pittiformulas for success:

      50%  –   Conspicuously smoking a pipe or cigar

                300%  –  Having a serious beard (notice how at least 20% Pitti streetstyle photos are of bearded men? In reality only 5% of men at Pitti actually sported beards)

                         300%   –      Being a distinguished gentleman over 50 and sporting wallet chains or smoking a pipe/cigar.

                       500% – Being in a group of 4 or more sartorial gentlemen. This percentage increases exponentially with the size of your group. Animated conversations and exaggerated hand gesticulations in your group and/or the presence of one or more bearded men will further boost your success by over 1000%

Pitti Uomo 85 Streetstyle Angel RamosPitti Uomo 85 Streetstyle Alessandro Squarzi


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