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Fashion & Accessories|Anderson’s -Italian Leather Craftsmanship


• Back again are our friend from END Clothing with a new look at a premier Italian Leather Craftsman Brand known by Anderson’s. For those of you with any understanding of the past decades fashion style, you’ll know that 1966 was a vintage year; Arthur Lee’s Love release their enigmatic self-titled album, the iconic Porsche 906 was produced and, of course, the Three Lions hoisted aloft the Jules Rimet trophy. It was also the year a group of Italian leather artisans created a small company on the outskirts of Parma – Anderson’s. Adopting an English name as an appreciative nod to traditional British style, founder Carlo Valenti and his brand have grown into a company revered for its production of faultlessly stylish belts.

The latest drop to END. sees the label’s signature style, the Woven Belt, executed to perfection, coming in an array of colours and finishes such as waxed canvas and plush suede. As ever, the belts are finished with a considered use of naturally tanned leather and an effortlessly simple buckle fastening.



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