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Lifestyle| Jude Law & Giancarlo Giannini in “The Gentleman’s Wager”

• It has been proven that rarity is the currency of streetwear, along with good craftsmanship. That’s something the folk at JOHNNIE WALKER know all about, as only the very rarest of cask whiskies are deemed characterful enough to make it into their esteemed BLUE LABEL blend. In fact, just one in 10,000 barrels makes the cut.

But the rare comes in many forms; it can be both physical and something you experience, and that’s what JOHNNIE WALKER BLUE LABEL have tried to show in their new video, The Gentleman’s Wager. Starring Hollywood legends Jude Law and Giancarlo Giannini, the story is of two friends enjoying an evening dram on the deck of a 1928 Baglietto yacht – the very rarest in rare sea vessels. But when Jude decides he wants to try and win the yacht in a bet, the flavors really start to mix and he realizes only something special will land him the prize.

Exactly which prize is rarest, however, you’ll have to decide: a one-of-a-kind boat, an exceptional glass of whisky, or the joy of good friendship…

Directed by British music video filmmaker Jake Scott (Radiohead, Massive Attack, U2), The Gentleman’s Wager is a great example of brands and Hollywood stars coming together to create genuinely entertaining content – something else that’s notably rare these todays. Click the video above to enjoy the tale in full, or visit the JOHNNIE WALKER website to learn more about its top-of-the-range BLUE LABEL blended whisky.

Post sponsored by JOHNNIE WALKER



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