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Music|SupaKali Drops ‘BongWater’ EP … #LitBoyzWorldWide

• I dare you to hashtag BongWater right now! I’m positive you will see plenty of stoners galore but today the internet is flooded with the face of Atlanta rapper SupaKali‘s face and his newly released EP “BONGWATER”. The hippy styled rapper is blessed with the ability to story tell vivid images of a young rappers lifestyle. Music, money, women, and weed tend to trend his music but some tracks hit home for those from the 404. The EP has beats from producers like New Era but the most infamous (bias statement cause its my favorite) track is STEEZY. The beat, lyrics and vibe is strictly that riding in the chevy, with the bass up heading to the nearest house party. SupaKali is apart of the gorwing team #LitBoyzWorldWide, which is a team of cannabis inspired artist with witty flows and a major goal to touch every city everywhere. The team includes artist like Perrion (PerryEats), Kushton Dior, and more. Listen to BongWater EP and Follow SupaKali and the #LitBoyz journey to Forever & Everywhere.

Greedmontpark teams up once again to bring you Supakali’s sophomore project “BongWater” a Ten song Ep curated by atlanta’s rising house hold name HeHoodrich

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