Event| SprayGround #AwesomeSunday BBQ & Jello Wrestling Re-Cap

• Ok so last week we spoke about a very unorthodox BBQ taking place in NYC called #AwesomeSunday. Created by SprayGround and TripSet this event lived up to its name and more. What was part BBQ meet with the sticky, fun and exciting Jello Wrestling tournament that took place. This event went viral as Instagrams captured moment by moment of this unique event. Sprayground blessed participants and attendee’s with pieces from their latest collections and had Bowery in Manhattan covered in stylish individuals and Jello. Guest from every borough of New York and Socialites from New Jersey appered including Black Ink Tattoo  Celebrity Puma along with rappers Perrion & Slim Dollars. The turn out was way bigger than imagined and the excitement never ended. From what I have heard … There is more to come! Now Take A Look At What Was Captured!


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