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Fashion| Watch Felix Piechotta in Boot Brand Palladium’s “Explorer” Series

• Upcoming footwear brand Palladium has started and continues their “Explorer” series of videos with Hamburg club owner Felix Piechotta. Founder and operator of Kleiner Donner (“Little Thunder”), Piechotta realized his personal vision of a small, intimate location capable of functioning without having to chase after the latest trends in the basement of the former Kulturhaus 73. As the only club in Hamburg’s Schulterblatt district with a capacity of no more than 200 people, the 27-year-old is able to make unconventional bookings and to play whatever music appeals to him and his guests.

In the video, the club operator takes us from the Old Elbe Tunnel, via the historic flak bunker in the Feldstrasse and through to the Schulterblatt itself, showing his love for a part of town that is unpretentious and far removed from the traditional notion of a romantic port as the city itself and those who live there. Check it out above and see the rest of the “Explorer” series featuring Pharrell Williams, Johnny Knoxville, Eliza Doolittle and more at Enjoy The Video below!

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