Music| Listen to New Music by Tyga “Make It Work”


• Continuing our Music Monday, we continue what seems to be the start-up to an ongoing beef that was ignited by an interview where LastKing’s owner Tyga announced he wanted to go independent and also he does not like Drake. This YMCMB team breakdown has called for a reaction that has had fans waiting on the edge of their chairs. Drake released a diss track titled “6 God” where he took jabs at the young Cali-based artist. In response Tyga released “Make It Work” this morning to re-establish his lack of like for the Canadain rapper/singer/actor.

“Nigga never was my homey/all these bitches know you corny/ aye nigga what that work/ayeee bitch what that work like/you know me I been trappin wit it all night/Niggas want to take it there we can take it there all night”

Tune In Below & Let Us Know What You Think!

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