Music| Mid-Week “Cause We Want To” Music Selection


• Okay so it’s Wednesday, just incase you did not realize that already, and we have music we have been playing and just feel like we want to share.. WHY? “CAUSE WE WANT TO!” Sorry, but that’s truly the reason for the list below of just random videos, soundclouds and anything else that peeks our interest.


stosnognsogsssMike Strong is a VA Beach rapper who has made a great EP recently titled “Bread & Butter” which is very lyrical and is meet with strong production choices. Below is his most recent release dubbed “Voices” which is a super tough selection from Mike. Click Here to hear the whole Bread & Butter mix.  

spellesSPELLES is the organic songstress from L.A who happens to have a voice handed from the Greek God’s of Soul. Even though her music is not soul based, the pop style artist has the range capabilities to maneuver vocally over many styles of production from slow-roll music to uptempo pop beats. She is an amazing artist and samples this in her single “Bird In A Cage“.

eavesyJoseph Lyons known as EAVES, is the gloomy poetic vocalist who brings the most deepest feelings to light in a light-hearted manner. the Leeds based lead singer reaches more gloomy issues in his track “Alone In My Mind“. This guitar based production has EAVES display his calming vocals.

            Boogie is another L.A. talent who many say gives a hint of Kendrick Lamar in his sincere approach to delivering a clear message. Here is an example of a lyricist who can give a story, an idea and still make you enjoy the production of it all. Check out the visual to Boogie’s “Bitter Raps”.

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