Fashion| ‘Double Double’ by Revive Customs


Revive Customs is back at it. Fabricated by hand, Revive made these to combine a variety of all-things Canadian into one ill pair of shoes. Looking at the details, you will find coupon money in most Canadian households as its a prominent hardware store out there. On the tongue, there’s an embroidery of the old Tim Hortons sign with “Revive Customs” as an addition. Everything black on the shoe is scotch-grain leather and a stamped maple leaf in the flap covering the laces. The lacing system is made of nylon webbing. the shoe is lined with very soft grey nu-buck.

The name ‘Double Double’ comes from the Canadian term used to describe how you take your coffee – two teaspoons of sugar and two creams (a common order at Tim Horton locations).

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