Edition 3.18|#GLSCE New Playlist Edition 3.18


• Today we officially revive the G.L.S.C.E era and just in time for spring we are back on soundcloud discovering those hidden gems. Our goal for G.L.S.C.E (Good Listens Sound Cloud Edition) is to find artist that are working diligently to build their talent and present their story to the world. We at GoodGarbs feel it is important to establish a platform to help these striving artist reach the masses. We haven’t developed an itinerary just yet for releases, so for now they will be surprise drops for our fans, DJ’s, and artist to tune into to. Today we feature some pretty soulful songwriters and musicians.

Malaya · This 17 year old sensation hailing from Detroit delivers a soulful offering for her fans in her track “Drown”. Great voice and amazing piano play accompanies this amazing young vocalist.

Max Pope · Based out of London & Brighton, Max is a 19 year old singer/song writer who is preparing to take the world over with his jazz-felt influence. His vocal capabilities are experimented with in his song “Gone To Count Sheep”.

Post Malone · This catchy lyricist gives Hip-Hop a boost with his  released track “White Iverson”. Pretty controversial choice for a song title but one to grab your attention.

Raleigh Ritchie · Columbia Recording artist Raleigh Ritchie is a character as much as he is a vocalist with amazing range and writing ability. He gives us an example of this skill in his song “The Greatest”.


Ro Ransom · Bringing positive vibes from ‘Wonderland, USA’ rapper Ro Ransom presents an attractively aggressive track to our attention in his track “All Dogs Go To Heaven”. Ro has much to offer the music industry so visit to listen.

Prince Innocence · Duo band Prince Innocence consist of talents of Talvi & Josh who collaborate to make majestic music for fans around the world. These two present their music from Toronto and give a great spring time feel in their soothing song “Cold”.

HRMXNY · Producer/DJ HRMXNY (which we believe stands for Harmony) has made musical history in the past and continues on this path with recent release ” Best For Us” featuring talents of Sada. The Toronto beat-curator holds the vocals in place with great instrumental placement and style.

Daniel Caesar · Fresh from the release of his EP “Praise Break”, another Toronto artist surfaces with amazing music for fans. The soft vocals attached to this melodic production makes for a great Spring season listen. We are looking forward to more from Sir Caesar.


Sunny & Gabe · Sunny Gicz and Gabe Niles, make up the self-titled band Sunny & Gabe. This VA-based duo are the producers, mixers, vocalist and occasionally background dancers of their own musical productions. Genius to say the least, these two will stay in your head with their track “Dirty Dancing”.

Mom Tudie  · This 19 year old producer of al sorts reaches out to fans with a hit record “Change Your Mind” featuring vocals from Giorgia Lo. This simplistic instrumental offering gives space for Giorgia to deliver a special message. Mom Tudie uses culture, sounds and nature to inspire his productions. You can hear it in this song.

DFC · Also known as Prince Caspian, is one special talent from Canada representing Toronto. This pop artist is much more than just a strong voice and some catchy lyrics, but consist of art on many levels. His song “Twenty Something” gives feelings about growth, change and growing grey hairs. We enjoy the sound and the project as a whole. You Will Too!

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